5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Gun


The reliability of a firearm depends on several factors, including how the gun is used, what ammunition is fired, and how it is maintained. It is imperative that the firing cycle of every element be well regulated since failure in any of them can lead to a malfunction. If you don’t keep your gun clean at all times, it can even lead to sudden discharge that can be fatal.

Gun ownership entails responsibility for maintaining it. You can find gun cleaning kits in the market to make your work hassle-free.

Why is gun cleaning required?


With time and usage, unburned dirt, powder, and small fragments of bullets collect in the barrel. Jams can occur with no warning, misfires are common, and even bullets can get stuck. Any of these situations can create unsafe situations and make the firearm potentially dangerous to the operator.


An improperly maintained gun can cause significant performance issues. When you have dirt and grime in your barrel, you can potentially lose accuracy, leading to adverse outcomes.

How to clean your gun in 5 easy steps

Before cleaning your gun, make sure it is unloaded to avoid any accident. Following these five easy gun cleaning steps will keep your gun new forever.

1.   Collect all the cleaning supplies

Many gun owners try to make their own DIY cleaning solutions. It’s not a good idea. When it comes to maintaining your gun, it is best to use products designed specifically for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting it. You can easily buy your gun cleaning kits from the market containing caliber-specific bore snake or brush, lint-free patches, solvent spray, and lubricant.

2.   Disassemble the gun

Taking help from the user’s manual, carefully separate the slide, spring, guide rod, and barrel. Spread out the components on a towel. It is usually enough to allow you to access most of the accumulation of gunk within the firearm.

3.   Clean the barrel

After you have safely disassembled the gun, start cleaning the barrel. The first step is to break up some of the larger grime pieces with a dry bore brush. Put a microfiber or lint-free patch on the cleaning rod after dipping it in bore solvent. Make sure it’s thoroughly applied, and give it about 10 minutes to work. Then, rerun the bore brush through the barrel, followed by a new, dry patch. Do this until no dirt can be seen on the patch.

4.   Clean the outer parts

A gun needs proper maintenance inside out, and cleaning it from the outside is much easier. You can use a simple rag to combat rust and other external wear. Soak the rag in gun oil and wipe your gun’s outside to make them look brand new every day. Don’t forget to check the screws and stocks as well.

5.   Lubricate

Gun enthusiasts are divided over using grease on a weapon’s mechanical parts. It is believed that doing so can interfere with the gun’s mechanics and prevent it from functioning correctly. Unfortunately, this claim lacks evidence. Use grease or anti-corrosion oil to maintain the sliding parts of the gun.


Maintaining a firearm is essential for your safety as well as others. So there are a few things that you should take care of if you own a gun. Whether you are a hunter or a policeman, you can get firearm cleaning kits from a local gun store or online and keep your gun as good as new forever.