6 Reasons Why Abortion Should Be Legal!

Why Abortion Should Be Legal?

No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.  How come when it’s us, it’s an abortion, and when it’s a chicken, it’s an omelet?

People seem to forget that being a female starts in the womb. So if you’re worried about women’s bodies you should probably be including all women instead of the ones that are convenient. #AbortionlsAWomansRight

If abortion is murder, then: -Male masturbation is genocide -Blowjobs are cannibalism -Ultrasounds are child pornography -Male vasectomies and condoms prevent homicide -Viagra and Cialis are the 2 most dangerous drugs on the market -Men must start paying child support

Reasons why abortion should be legal:

  • A woman’s body is her own foundation. It’s nobody’s right to tell her what to do. Just like a person has the right to make decisions freely, similarly a woman should be free to make decisions.
  • A fetus is not a legally or scientifically person human being so abortion cannot be equated to murder or taking a life since the fetus is not a person nor alive. . A fetus is like a brain-dead person with no self-awareness or consciousness so it is actually dead.
  • Many of us don’t understand the psychological trauma it takes Upon the woman who is trying to give birth. Imagine a period of 9 months when you can’t do anything, you can do your job, you can’t enjoy outdoor activities, you can’t do anything that takes a physical toll on you, you can’t seek education, nothing basically. It’s basically being dead for 9 months which will obviously take so much toll on you. Having everyday morning sickness, not able to freely eat anything, not able to drink or smoke or have any sort of parties. All of this is not easy. Our body will get tired and bored and depressed. Now imagine having to do all this when you didn’t want to. Basically when you wanted to take an abortion but now you are forced to do this, what kind of a life is this?
  • It is said that the pain a woman bears at the time of childbirth is equivalent to the breakage of 200 bones in the body. Not everybody is prepared to bear this pain, in fact many women die because they are not able to do the effort to push the baby out. They are so exhausted mentally and physically.
  • Financial stress: In most cases, unplanned pregnancies happen when it’s a single mother. Parenthood takes a lot of expenses to be done, a lot of financial stress and issues come into place because now you are not just taking care of yourself but another human being as well.
  • Many people say that after birth you can give them up for adoption. Now imagine the trauma a child will have when he has been in foster care all his life. He will never get the support and love that a parent gives. Foster care in turn may not always be great.