What is the safest way to make yourself pass out (Faint)?

Faint is an abrupt change in blood pressure. It also leads to low sugar levels. Their brain can not get the required oxygen. There are many reasons to get unconscious. It might be blood loss, chest pain, overdosage of drugs, and alcohol too. Most of these won’t be in-depth. It lasts in few seconds but the person feels unwell and takes time to get healed. In some severe cases, this episode of faintness leads to a person’s demise.

When a person is about to faint he will encounter sweating, paleness, headache, dizziness and he feels warm and hot. These signs make a person faint and until he is okay he could not stand firm.

Actually making yourself faint is a horrifying experience. The best ways to do is directed in three steps:

  • Making our self dizzy
  • Changes take place in vision and hearing
  • Sit down the right way

 These are some other ways to faint:

  • Standing up quickly:

Standing up too quickly is one of the main reasons for feeling faint or even passing out as it alters the blood pressure in your body rapidly. It affects more when you are crouching close to the ground.

Bend your knees, get low and hang your head low to the ground. Then stand up quickly from this position. By doing this, the blood rushes from your head, and your brain for an instant fleetingly gets disturbed from its usual stability and that makes your eyes go fading and there’s a chance you can go blackout for a moment.

This even works when you sit or lay down for a long time, the blood pressure in your body gets used to the equilibrium and the certain type of position and when you suddenly stand or move from that position quickly you can experience some sort of dizziness and may pass out as the blood pressure may differ very crucially.

These practices are likely to be intense when you are dehydrated or feeling very hungry or if the atmosphere around you is very hot and humid. However, if while doing these steps there’s a steep chance that you may get too lightheaded or even throw up.

  • Change in breathing:

Change in breathing

A rapid change in the behavior of breathing can cause blackout too. It can be done intentionally by a small piece of straw or a small tube. Start by lying down in a safe and wide environment. Take a straw or small tube (not a metal one) and start by doing fast and heavy breaths through the straw. This will rapidly alter the blood pressure in your heart and you will soon see blackness and then shortly after you will faint.

  • Spinning:

One can faint easily by spinning rapidly. By doing this, it will alter the equilibrium of your body. As you are messing with your ear, which maintains your posture and position of your body. When you start hurting this you can pass out easily.

But there’s a chance you can fall onto the ground and hurting yourself by doing this. People suffering from diabetes find it hard to get faint. If they do so it reflects cardiac arrest situations.

Faint in medical terminology “Syncope”. It’s dangerous in an incredible way, but reducing oxygen faint happens fastly. Dehydration leads to faint in summer above all.

Inhaling large amounts of smoke into your lungs and holding it in your lungs can make you pass out.

If making yourself faint is for a prank, it is recommendable to act like you have fainted out rather than trying risky procedures which will bring you home problems that you never expected.