Is a 60Hz monitor good for Gaming? – How does Hertz’s work?

60Hz monitor for gaming

Are you an avid gamer? If yes, it is sure that you will be looking for a gaming setup that makes you immersive in the graphical world. Gamers always fall for high-definition graphics and images which makes them immersed in the game. In games like racing, sports, and action, some gamers left behind being defeated by their opponents, just because of the rendering latency of gaming monitors.  It is not all the time your game-play determines your victory, it is sometimes determined by the hardware you use for gaming.  After a gaming PC or a gaming console, all gamers look for is, the monitor. The monitor should display high-resolution graphics without any rendering latency. But what all the gamers look for is a high number labeled configuration so as to experience high-quality play. When we consider the monitor configuration, there are different monitor types available in the market with different configurations. The standard for gaming is, a 60Hz monitor. Besides it, there are 120Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz monitors available. What should be your choice for your gaming needs? Is the standard, 60Hz monitor fits for you? Is a 60Hz monitor good for gaming? Let’s find out.

Before deciding whether a 60Hz monitor a better choice or not, let us try to understand what Hz means for a monitor.

First things first – What is Hertz basically?

Every time the monitor refreshes, the number of images displayed for each second is measured in hertz. It is a measure of frequency here in the context of gaming, it is the refresh rate of the monitor. So, from the definition, a 60Hz monitor has the ability to refresh 60 images for each second the monitor refreshes. It is also clear from the definition of Hertz, that the higher the hertz, the higher is the refresh rate of images in the monitor. Hence, a 120Hz monitor refreshes twice the speed a 60Hz monitor can do. Many confuse refresh rate with frame rate. But there is a considerable difference between them. Frame rate is regarded with the information being exchanged while refresh rate is an attribute of the monitor.

Hertz’s effect on the Gaming Experience

Hertz’s effect on gaming experience

A high number of hertz has nothing to do with the performance of your game. There won’t be any noticeable change with regards to the hertz of the monitor. Hertz basically smoothens the image you see. In fact, a human eye cannot perceive more smoothness. The high number of hertz can only decrease the blur of the image being displayed. Most of our brains cannot find the difference between a 60Hz and 120Hz monitor’s display. But what actually a high number in hertz of a monitor can do? Let’s find out.

Games that require rapid responses and actions from players within no time, and those that require high accuracy, definitely demand a high number of hertz in monitors. Competitive gamers can find the difference between different hertz-valued monitors. It is worth upgrading to the higher configuration in terms of the hertz of a monitor, for competitive programmers. They always require a monitor that displays smooth images with a higher refresh rate. Competitive gamers can notice the sharpness of almost every visual in the game. Hence dedicated gamers will get benefitted by switching to a higher refresh rate monitor.

How Frame rate can affect the Refresh Rate of the Monitor?

It is also important to consider the frame rate of a computer’s processors. Though there is a subtle difference between refresh rate and frame rate, at times they go hand-in-hand. If your system is producing more frames well beyond the refresh rate can, screen tearing happens. Screen tearing can distract your game experience. A monitor will refresh the visuals slowly, but the processor is updating the frames faster than the refresh rate. When a computer’s processors and graphic processing units produce enough frames per second, refresh rate capability is fully utilized. So, it is also important to consider your system’s frame rate.

It is recommended by professionals that; gamers should do some work before upgrading their monitor configuration. Testing in the motion stores and feeling the difference between different configurations, can surely help you in deciding whether to switch to other configurations.

Time for decision, the professional’s advice

Being aspiring for a seamless experience, for gamers, the professional’s advice is to switch to a higher refresh rate of monitors than switching into a 4K screen since the former is a costly affair. The improved performance with regard to refresh rate especially beneficial in the games where fast inputs of gamers are demanded.

Lastly, it is said that a 60Hz monitor can do good in gaming besides conventional operations. It is only when you are a dedicated gamer and takes competitive gaming seriously, then upgrading your monitor for a higher refresh rate is recommended.