6 Sports that are Losing Popularity and why it is a bad thing!

Which sports are losing popularity?

Do you watch sports? Or do you play any sport? Do you know, because of today’s busy lifestyle, how many marks are near to death? By death, it means people are abandoning them, no one is playing it, and no one watches it. But why are sports important? 

In this article, we will see the benefits of sports, why people are losing interest in sports, and what jokes are dying? 

Sports are physical activities that aim to maintain and improve physical health and provide entertainment to players and spectators. A set of rules and guidelines governs sports.  

The word sport comes from the French word leisure. Therefore sports can be seen as something that entertains humans. 

A typical Sport contains these features:

– It should have a spirit of competition

– It shouldn’t harm humans in any way

– It should not depend on pure luck.

List of sports dying in popularity?

  • Golf: 

Golf has become an old man game. Moreover, they are expensive and unaffordable for most of the peoples. It also has failed to attract youngsters and is regarded as somewhat dull sports. 

  • Hockey:

Another game that can be seen as dying, for now, is hockey. Though hockey is still the fourth popular sport, its popularity is decreasing consistently. Viewers are shifting their emphasis on footballs which are shown as a more entertaining sport.

  • Baseball:

Baseball matches are too long. They don’t seem to fit in our fast-paced working culture. One has to devote a period to watch a game. Moreover, it is not presented as thrilling or dramatic enough to please audiences.

  • Bowling:

Bowling is another sport that is losing popularity. Lack of sponsors, lack of interest of people, and less thrilling and dramatic visuals have contributed to losing popularity of bowling among people. 

Other sports that are losing the interest of peoples are horse riding, boxing, etc. Even popular sports like cricket and soccer are also losing their popularity slowly but considerably. 

Loss of interest of people in sports and lack of time had resulted in the death of many jokes. It is not only harmful to the sports industry but has detrimental effects on overall human health. They are using their brain and body less.

Types of Sports

A sport can be physical, motorized, animal-supported, or mental.  

  • Physical Sports: Football, Cricket, etc.
  • Motorized: Formula 1 or racing
  • Animal-supported: horse-riding, bullfighting, etc.    
  • Mental Sports: Chess, Backgammon, etc. 

Benefits of Sports

Heart Health: Sports are suitable for your overall heart health. Regular exercise can improve your cardiovascular system and transports blood efficiently. Consequently, it decreases the chances of a heart attack.

Controlled Blood pressure: Physical exercise improves your heart health and controls high blood pressure. 

Better Oxygen: Sports like running, cycling, etc., helps the body to transport oxygen in the whole body. 

Solid bones and muscle: Exercises improve your bone health and makes your muscles and bones stronger. 

Stress relief: Sports are the best way to boost mood and reduces stress.

Cancer: People involved in physical activity are less prone to cancer.

Sports also improve sleep, mental health, build the immune system, and thereby increasing your longevity. 

Why are sports dying?

People are day by day, losing their interest in sports. It is common for people to get busy with their lifestyle and lose interest in sports. Here are the following reasons why jokes are dying:

· Busy lifestyle: 

People are getting busy in their non-stop lifestyle. They seldom have time for themselves to leave sports alone. 

People do not have time to watch sports or engage in any sports activity.

· People like flashy and entertaining sports: 

People are attracted to sports that are entertaining and provide them with a thrill experience. Only those sports are popular today which are organized in a way to entertain people. 

· Athletes are not getting paid enough:

Only famous athletes are paid lucrative sums. For the less popular sportsperson, it is a different story. They have to Strule hard to bring a medal with limited resources and training equipment. Furthermore, after getting an award, they are offered govt jobs by sports quota or have to suffer lifelong with significantly less income. 

· A family can’t afford sports:

Sports tournament tickets rate has increased drastically in decades. People are not able to afford those tickets. Additionally, people can now watch matches on their phones with a better viewer experience, and therefore, stadiums are getting less crowded. 

Too many options of entertainment:

There are too many options for a person to entertain themselves. Young generations are attracted to video games or social media sites rather than playing sports. 

And adults are engaging themselves in watching series or films.