Shree Basu

Shreemoyee Basu is an Freelance Content Writer with experience working alongside company, creating engaging articles. Shree specializes in SEO based writing and is responsible for helping others get a better idea of issues and topics. Shree is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Shree is inspired daily by herself and her parents. In her free time, Shree likes to draw and watch anime. If you want to connect, you can find her on LinkedIn.


New Technology in VLSI Design – Detailed Guide

What is VLSI? VLSI refers to Very Large Scale Integration and it’s the process of building an IC. IC means Integrated Circuits. Using VLSI, millions of MOS transistors can be implemented into a single chip. Starting in the 1970s, MOS chips integrated chips were widely adopted. Therefore, it enabled complex semiconductors and telecommunications. In the …

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Why Are Movies So BAD Now?

The market of “Content” People are starved; starved of good quality movies. Post-Millennial movies are filled with laziness and money mongering tactics, so much even the lame attempt at humour sounds funny. Oblivion is a strike in every music score and dialogue. Take, for example, Justice League and how Joss Whedon butchered the aim of …

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