How Much Does It Cost To Make a Designer Bag?


Designer Bags are in the trend. From Chanel to Christian Dior, designer handbags showcase classiness and electrifying style. These hundreds of dollar worth bags haul women’s attention and have remained a part of couture. Made from exquisite leather,  they exist for same purpose: to make you look good.

But one might have a pondering question on their mind; “how much do these bags cost to make?” After all they are quite an investment.

Let’s dive deeper into the cost of making these designer handbags.

Cost Of Making Designed Handbags

Brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermès are luxury brands that have sold their handbags at a whopping $300,000. So the question has to asked, how much do they cost to make.

Turns out that Hermès has a high retail price, high demand, and limited availability their products are marked up about 100-130%. They use exotic skins like Ostrich, Himalayan Leopard and Python. The actual cost of making a Hermès designer handbag is around $200-$400. But with the markup, it retails around $1500-$40000.

A Louis Vuitton bag, comprising new materials, raw materials, original design costs around $1000. Once the bag enters the production stage, per unit cost drops a few dollars except where the gold and real jewels.

Overall, a typical handbag cost 20 times more than what they cost to make. In the last decade, there has been a 50-60% increase in the price with an annual increase of 13% of all brands.

The markup on Gucci is 10 time more than the cost of manufacturing.

It takes one craftsman 15-20 hours to make a single bag. So yes, 95% of the cost is the cost of the brand name.

How Much Does A Handbag Designer Make?

A handbag designer makes $108,047 annually( avg.). They get a bonus of $4733. Designers based in San Francisco get paid the most, with a whopping salary of $131,177

Are Designer Bags Worth Your Money?


Now the question has to be asked, are they really worth the money?

There isn’t a straight answer to the question. But let’s look at it through different perspective to analyze the answers.

Advantages of Investing in Designer Handbags :

  • Creates a foundation for wardrobe: Designer handbags are very adaptable and can be mixed and matched with any outfit. It helps bring classiness and boosts confidence.
  • Quality is assured: There is no doubt about the quality of Designer handbags, it’s unparalleled. Made with the best materials like ornate clasps or hardware which parishes very little, these handbags are a worthy investment.
  • Great resale value: They have very good resale value, and it gets better if the handbag is an exclusive piece. There is a very big profit margin as the price of classy bags increase over time.
  • Cost per wear is worthwhile: This makes more sense as they are made from exclusive materials. Instead of replacing $50 bags every 3 or 6 months, designer bags last entire life. You can even pass it down as a heirloom. Classy bags last longer than statement bags.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There are several downside to it as well.

  • In today, out tomorrow: That is the way design works and similar applies to occasional extravagance totes. Not the slightest bit does that imply that you can’t shake your creator satchel long after you’ve bought it. In any case, the possibilities that it will hold anything near its unique worth when it was the most smoking sack around are extremely thin.
  • Keeping in good shape: Designer Bags bring in more cash. All in all, you want to keep your satchel in awesome, as new condition to offer it to bring in a lot of cash later on and get a profit from. Sadly, a tote giving indications of utilization and mileage won’t get you the cost of a fresh new pack. It doesn’t make any difference what extravagance brand made it. That is only the basic truth.
  • Credibility: The credibility of your designer bag turns out to be no joking matter since individuals need to ensure they are not accepting phony bags which are wherever nowadays. Indeed, you purchased your satchel straightforwardly from the brand’s store however you can’t sell it back to the brand. Except if you are a respectable purse affiliate or dispatcher, you should demonstrate your bag’s credibility. This implies you should have kept all your administrative work and receipts flawless to have the option to vouch for the validness of your bag
  • Affiliate expenses: As an individual exchanging a tote, a great deal of purchasers will attempt to exploit the way that you are selling as an individual and attempt to get you to sell less expensive. On the off chance that you decide to exceed all expectations online extravagance transfer store course (where a respectable organization sells the sack for you), you will most likely compensation them very high commission expenses off the selling cost.
  • Scammers and fakes: There are lots of tales of human beings being scammed all the time. So you want to take more precautions about where, how, and to whom you promote your bag to, in order to make certain you get your charge in full and you do not get scammed.

When investing in luxury brands, have sight of what your intentions are. That way you won’t end up completely exhausting your savings.