10 Types of Lawyers that make the Highest Salary?

Law is an interesting profession which offers your salaries at different ranges. It can be lucrative and rewarding for you but only if you choose the right one.

And if you aspire to become a lawyer, then probably you would wonder which types of lawyers earn the highest salary.

Lawyers are legal experts who represent individuals, organizations, government agencies from legal disputes and issues. Moreover, they also advise and protect their clients from various frauds, lawsuits, appeals, wills, etc.

A lawyer does many things, including:

  • Advising their clients on various issues, insurance claims, lawsuits, etc.
  • Representing clients in courtrooms.
  • Investigate every person involved in the case including a client. Witness, etc
  • Interpret laws, rules, and regulations for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and businesses.
  • Prepare legal documents
  • Protect their clients from false allegations
  • And many more

How much does a lawyer make?

Averagely a lawyer can make around $ 73,604 annually.

Usually, it starts from $14,000 and reaches as high as $204,000 per annum, though it is affected by various factors.

Factors that affect a lawyer’s salary

It is difficult to identify which type of lawyer earns higher…why…Even the same type of lawyer can earn a different salary. These all depend on various factors.

Here are some factors

  • Region: Lawyers who practice in bier cities earn more than a lawyer of a small town.
  • Firms: A lawyers working with a firm earn higher than most individual lawyers.
  • Size of the firms: A lawyer of bier and popular firms earns higher than a lawyer working with smaller law firms.
  • Skills: Skills are the most valued aspect of humans. A skilled lawyer’s demand increase and so does his salary.
  • Experiences: Even if you are graduate from a famous law school or a highly talented young lawyer you will still earn lower than an experienced lawyer.

Here are some skills which no law school can teach you:

    • Negotiations with another professional
    • Setting value for settlement
    • Cross-questioning witnesses
    • Makin effective arguments
    • Persuading judges
    • The tendency of a local judge
    • A better understanding of jury

Different Types of lawyers and salaries

  1. Medical Lawyers

Medical Lawyers represents their client to sue medical practitioners for malpractices and misconduct during medical process. They are the highest-paid lawyers on the list.

A medical lawyer can earn an average annual salary of $150,881 per year.

  1. Trial lawyers

Trial lawyers are among some best-paid lawyers. They handle complex cases and represent their clients in the courts. These include criminal defence lawyers, dispute resolution, and civil lawyers.

A trial lawyer can earn an averagely of $99,287 per year.

  1. Corporate lawyers

Corporate lawyers check and advise CEOs and organizations on different commercial transactions of the company. Their main job is to advise, represent their corporations. Corporate lawyer salary is one of the highest-paying jobs.

The average salary of a corporate lawyer is $ 111,106 per year.

  1. Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy Lawyers is a lawyer who tries to protect or reduce the debt of his client through the court process.

The average salary of a bankruptcy lawyer is $ 96,949 per year.

  1. Family lawyers

Family lawyers deal with cases of family matters like Divorce, Custody, adoption, property division, domestic support, etc. a Family lawyer’s salary is pretty decent and the workload is also less.

The average salary of a family lawyer is $ 75,792 per year.

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  1. Employment and Labor Attorneys

These kinds of lawyers represent employees and all disputes reading employment, employee, or employer.

The average salary of an Employment and Labor Attorney is $ 144,000 per year.

  1. Real Estate Attorneys

They deal with cases related to land, water, and structure disputes. The average salary of a Real estate lawyer is $ 90,125 per year.

  1. Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual Property Lawyers helps their clients to establish and protect intellectual capital for example copyrights, patent, licensing, etc. The average salary of an Intellectual property lawyer is $ 117,360 per year.

  1. Law Professors

Or if you think teaching is not for you, then what about some administrative work in school, for instance, admission officer, alumni relation, career advisers, etc. The average salary of a Law professor is $173,528 per year.

  1. Green lawyer

They protect the environment and deals with every case related to environmental exploitations. The average salary of a green lawyer is $ 120,910 per year.

Top Countries which offer you the highest salary

  • United States of America: Salary: $ 2,30,058 annually.
  • Switzerland: Salary: $211496 per year.
  • Hong Kong: Salary: $ 197717.71 per year
  • South Africa: Salary: $193890.32 per year
  • Japan: Salary: $153362.58 per year
  • France: Salary: $152687.15 per year
  • Australia: Salary: $ 123981.55 per year
  • Singapore: Salary: $ 107960.58 per year
  • Belgium: Salary: $105700 per year
  • United Kingdom: Salary: $102395 per year