7 Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer When Charged with a Crime?

Are you charged with a Criminal offense? Need a lawyer…Why? To represent yourselves in the court.

Crime charges are commonly classified into three- Felony, Infractions, and Misdemeanor. So what should you do if you are charged with either of these crimes? Well…let us help you with this.

First of all, let us understand the basic difference between Infractions, felonies, and Misdemeanor. These are distinguished based on the level of seriousness and punishment followed.


Infractions are petty offenses that are not seriously punished, for instance, putting someone in jail. It simply requires an offender to pay a fine amount.

Moreover, as they are not seriously punished defendants have no right to move to a jury trial. Though a person can hire an attorney that isn’t very common.

Examples of Infractions: Traffic offenses such as Over-speeding, Riding without a helmet, etc.


A misdemeanor is a criminal offense that can end you in a prison for as long as one year. Though it can also simply be cleared by fines, prohibition, community services, and many other ways.

These are often required to take the case for jury trial and defendants are entitled to a legal representation. Some serious crimes can be referred to as gross misdemeanors.

Examples: Drug offense, Drink and drive, Theft, Minor assault, Trespassing, Vandalism, Minor sex crimes, including solicitation, prostitution, and indecent exposure, and resisting arrest.


Felony is regarded as the most serious type of criminal offense. Felonies are generally punishable by death or loner sentence jail. These involve serious crimes like physical harm, white-collar crimes, frauds, etc.

Therefore If you are charged for any of these crimes, you should hire a knowledgeable criminal lawyer.

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Why would you need a criminal lawyer?

Never go to court unprepared if you are accused of a crime. A lawyer is a legal expert who understands the proper court procedures and can help you to get free of criminal charges. Let us see how can a Criminal lawyer help?

  • Better knowledge of Judiciary: A criminal defense attorney has adept knowledge of how courts work. An experienced lawyer understands the court like no one else, he understands the local judge’s personality, procedures, etc.
  • Handling paperwork: Court procedure involves lots of paperwork and a criminal lawyer exactly knows how to handle it. A lawyer can protect you and prevent many errors.
  • Investigation of evidence: A proper criminal lawyer can know how to investigate the evidence and protect you from false evidence. A lawyer from a well-known firm can examine witnesses and evidence for you.
  • Expert help: A professional lawyer has experience in practicing law for years. You can feel assured leaving your case in such expert hands. As he is well aware, knowledgeable and knows how to do his job properly And Consequently you can be saved from any false allegations.
  • Relation with Prosecutors: A lawyer with good relations with a prosecutor can help you a lot. He can work with the prosecutors to minimize the adverse situation and free you from false charges.
  • Minimize Punishments: Even if your charges are proved right and you will have to face consequences, A good lawyer can help to get the lightest possible punishment and fines.
  • Personalized attention: Facing criminal charges can decrease one’s self-esteem and could eventually ruin someone’s life. A lawyer can be someone with whom you can discuss all your problems and get more logical help. A lawyer can be you back and can assist you throughout the court procedures.

What if you are guilty?

But what if you are guilty? When should you hire a lawyer? Well yes, even if you are guilty of a crime, a criminal defense lawyer can help you. Court procedures are super complex and a lawyer can help you with it.

You can face tremendous chares but with a lawyer, your punishment can be reduced considerably and you could avoid any odd and heavy fines.

Therefore even if think you are guilty or you are being falsely accused, always seek legal representation. And this criminal defense lawyer will help you to understand the charges and protect you and your rights from any adverse situation and help you to minimize the degree of punishment to a great extent.