Can Lawyers investigate crime scenes? Is it Attorney’s Role?

Lawyers investigate crime scenes

Why do you want to become a lawyer? For most people, it is because this profession looks thrilling to them. A lawyer investigates the case, crime scenes, trying everything to prove the innocence of their client. And from where this conception comes….A drama

A lawyer in a drama usually investigates the crime scene. It may look so thrilling and cool for you. But in reality, can a lawyer investigate a crime scene?

Which type of lawyer handles criminal cases?

Lawyer handles criminal cases

A Criminal lawyer or criminal defense lawyer handles criminal cases. They work for the right of the individual, organization accused of a crime. They are specialized lawyers to defend their clients charged for criminal activity.

The role of a criminal lawyer is to protect his client from all criminal allegations.

Who investigates a crime scene?

A crime scene is a location where a crime is committed. A crime scene is investigated by the crime scene investigator. They are trained professionals and thoroughly investigate the crime scene to collect all evidence.

A crime investigator duty is to:

  • Preserve the crime scene by setting blockade and controlling the movement.
  • They at the first walkthrough try to understand what crime has occurred.
  • In second they make sketches and diagrams.
  • Take detailed measurements of the scene.
  • Take photographs of everything before moving anything.
  • Collect, tag, pack evidence, and documents them.
  • Send the evidence to the lab.
  • Attends and takes photographs of the autopsies.
  • Write a detailed report regarding everything he saw at the crime scene.

Can a lawyer investigate the crime scene?

Yes, the criminal defense lawyer can sometimes investigate the crime scene. Usually, they don’t, but when they feel like they can investigate the scene.

If a lawyer is not allowed to visit the crime scene he can seek the court for permission. If you are looking to hire a lawyer you can go through these tips for choosing the best criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles.

Does a Lawyer investigate a crime scene?

Usually, a lawyer doesn’t visit the crime scene to investigate. Normally, a criminal defense lawyer is in contact with the crime scene investigator. He get all the information regarding the case such as physical evidence, photos of the crime scene, etc.

But when a lawyer feels like he is missing solid bases for arguing he may directly investigate the crime scene. He may inquire about the crime scene to picturise the whole crime and see whether the various allegations that are put over his client are logical.

Though a lawyer has to be careful in the process as if anything he does is seen as inappropriate or as if he is tampering with evidence he will have to face consequences.

Can a lawyer collect evidence from the crime scene?

If during his visit to the crime scene a lawyer suspects something which can potentially be evidence. He has to immediately report it to the investigator or have the forensic team reassess the scene.

If a lawyer tries to remove the evidence from the crime scene himself it can be seen as evidence tampering and he can be seen as a crime.

How can a lawyer visit the crime scene?

A lawyer can simply go to the judge and seek permission to investigate the crime scene himself.

In conclusion, we can say that a lawyer can investigate the crime scene if he wants. Or he could simply contact the crime scene investigator and ask for a detailed report of the crime scene. Sometimes a lawyer may feel to do so but generally, a lawyer can believe in the report of the investigator.