5 Common Relationship Issues & Ways to Respond


Relationships are incredibly complex; two people who each have their own story, we are all unique and our upbringing defines us. When two people connect, their characters have to find harmony and balance, not to mention external influences and problems can arise; here are a few common relationship issues and ideas to remedy.

  1. Jealousy – Ask any expert and they will tell you that jealousy is a sign of insecurity; the presence of the opposite sex around your partner can make you feel threatened and we all have different ways of responding to this. If your partner is very possessive, try to reassure them that you aren’t going anywhere and be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can diffuse situations when you see them coming. Excessive jealousy can lead to needing a divorce lawyer, which is probably the best way forward.
  2. Boredom in the bedroom – It can and does happen, two people with hectic professional lives, leaving them drained when they return after a day doing battle at the office. If you have a free evening, login to Pornhub, open a bottle of wine and focus on pleasing your partner; if things are repetitive in that area, why not bring up the topic? You should be able to discuss sex and you can approach the subject by mentioning friends that visit online adult stores, which is actually a great idea.
  3. Substance abuse – Let’s face it, drug use in Australia (and worldwide) is on the rise and if your partner uses excessively, this is sure to impact the relationship. Only you know when the time is right to bring up the subject and be careful how you go about that. The last thing you want is an argument, so choose your time well. Mention that you care and have noticed the effects substance use is having; don’t adopt an accusative approach, rather be genuinely concerned and want to work together to get a handle on it.
  4. Domestic violence – Regardless of circumstances, there is never an excuse for harming, whether physical, emotional or both. It can be a nightmare living with someone abusive and we are sorry to say that this kind of behaviour rarely stops of its own accord. If you feel you are in danger, consult with a lawyer and have a restraining order put out. Suggest to your partner that anger management classes might be a way forward, but whatever happens, do not accept abuse of any kind.
  5. Finances – If things are tight, this will have an impact on the relationship; causing both parties to be stressed. Things can seem like the world is conspiring against you and the best way to combat this is communication; talk about it and look for practical ways to resolve the situation.

The pressures of 21st century living can seriously impact a relationship and communication is the key to resolving minor issues.