Why will Technology take over the world? [Important Points]

Why will technology take over the world?

Technology has become an integral part of mankind. From 2 to 3 decades technology has been climbing the ladders and increasing innovation in our lives, from a simple mixer grinder to wireless automated devices our lifestyle has drastically changed.

Take some time and observe your surroundings, what do you see gadgets all around? Things are changing and so are we. as we become accustomed to the gadgets around us.

In today’s time everything that we do involves the application of technology from your mobile phone to the electric car you use for traveling and everything in between has been innovated using technology.

The question that arises with the influence is whether the impact is positive or negative and does technology holds the power to rule the world? We would discuss all the concerns that come with the interaction of mankind and technology.

Technology and its dependency

Technology has impacted all sectors of our lives. Medical. Education, Transport, Entertainment, etc every sector has been developed and progressed because of technology. With time we have become dependent on it, imagine a day without using any gadgets or techy things. From the office to your homes without the gadgets, n0 work will be performed. The smartphone or desktop you are handling right now is also dictating you in many ways. We set our alarms, and reminders on the phone. Our day starts and ends using our phone. Smartphones have greatly impacted the lifestyle. Research states that teens and young generations use smartphones 80% and more in the day. Hence our dependency on technology and techy gadgets has increased and will keep on increasing with time if not taken care of.

Why will technology take over the world?

World Technology

The internet and techy gadgets are constantly changing our lives and improving efficiency, taking over control of most of the things we do throughout the day.

Below mentioned are some sectors which are highly impacted by technology and it is taking over the world.


Communication has been impacted the most with technology. The changing devices and gadgets and advanced mediums of interacting with one another have changed our personal as well as professional life. With social media and the internet, the world has become smaller and one can communicate easily with no limitation of time and space. With this many jobs and man-operated work has changed and taken over the machine. For example, the automated messaging or responding mechanism used by brands to talk to their customers.


Transport has modernized with the help of technology. It has become easier and faster to transport from one part of the world to another. The technology sector is also growing with time and the introduction of the metro, mono, automated trains is in store for us in future. Technologists have also predicted that by 2050 we will be using flying cars.


Financial transactions and business deals are now done in no time. 10 years back from now nobody expected that global transactions would be this fast, secure and efficient. The motive of establishing global currency is now becoming a reality with the introduction of cryptocurrency.

Manufacturing Units

Technologists have predicted that the future of manufacturing will be by using robots in the unit. This has already started in many places but yet to be introduced all over the world. The future of manufacturing will be with robotics, on one hand where it will be quicker and faster, and on the other many humans will lose their jobs too. This shows how technology can take over the world if not controlled smartly.


The use of technology in medicine has been great for mankind. With the highly efficient testing and treatment techniques humans have been able to use technology to its best by saving lives during medical emergencies.

Energy Plants

Nuclear reactors, solar panels, are the best examples to showcase how technology has uplifted energy availability and power generation all over the world.

Future Innovations with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is altering the future of every industry and every human being. Artificial intelligence is the main driver of upcoming technologies like big data, robotics, and the Internet of things, and it will keep developing with time to act as a technological innovator.

As everything has two sides similarly any impact will have its good and bad face. However, the good should always suppress the bad, and balance between them should be maintained. The negative impact of technology should be monitored and controlled sensibly.