Why are Humans Swallowed by Technology? [Explained]

Why are humans swallowed by technology?

For the last 5-6 years, technology has affected our lives a lot. We have spent a lot of time developing new and more advanced solutions for everything with the help of technology. We built airplanes, used telephones, built computers, started using electronic devices for cooking as well. But did you ever notice that about five years ago technology seemed powerless and now it getting more intimate in our lives?

The Internet has become a platform that lets people create imaginary identities with the virtual world. Then people spend hours playing with their parallel lives. Children can now ask and bond with artificial pets online and play with them all day. This entire new generation will live around the life of wearable computing and a lot of people find it natural to think that this is normal. That eyeglasses caused by the overuse of laptops and smartphones are the new screens for people. The bodies of humans have become cyborgs and selves. There are movies now being made that show the overuse of technology and how we are constantly thinking about these things. Humans have become so addicted to technology that they even see these things in their dreams. Robots are being developed to make the lives of humans easier. But will they?

At least we are not yet stuck with human robots that crave our attention and are not in parallel universes, like in the movie Matrix. But we are still so much occupied with the virtual realities, that we have forgotten what real life feels like. People who use online chat boxes, blur the lines between them, this makes us all wonder if we will have robots in the world in a matter of some years only. Maybe future robots will be able to reflect their attention and feeling with us? Maybe the future will have hospitals with robot doctors and robot nurses? Who knows. With the speed we are growing, we might travel to the sun and back.

All of this looks so nice. Nice and shiny things. But do we ever think about how these things can have a psychological effect on our brains? How these technologies are using us and we not using them.

We need to help businesses and developers and consumers with only the things that they require. We need to help humans understand that choosing technology over our health will only cause destruction and nothing else.

Think about talking to a robot, it will reply back but with no tone. How will that feel? This does not feel completely comfortable and also raises questions about the authenticity that technology still lacks. We might build a thousand robots that can talk but they will never have feelings. If you say I love you to a robot, they will reply back but for nothing. And in the race of finding robots, we are human minds.

Robots might give timely reminders about medicine intake and show every notion and activity of caretaking, but at the end of the day, it is not as simple as that. Older people love robots that take care of them but they will never do the same. These are the things that need to be looked at.

Humans have developed so many technologies, for food, songs, running, dancing, eating, traveling, climbing, etc that we do not know the reality anymore. These are the things that need to be investigated. Will robots can serve the purpose of humans or will robots be able to handle every task as humans do?

How do we make sure that this happens? Everyone hopes that consumers of this technology realize soon that how much technology is changing the way the new generation is seeing the world as. We need to see the quality of our relationships and then only will we become more concerning towards them. We should discuss the purposes of humans and then decide on the design of a technical device, this should be done before making it available for everyone’s use.

Many hospitals already have robots that help patients who are paralyzed and weak in getting into bed and bathing them, and helps prevent bedsores. These are the exoskeleton and electronic-based hydraulic arms to help humans directly. All this requires is human movement. This is the type of technology that we need more. Something that helps us get out of bed and live a life. Not something that keeps us inside four walls.

After all, this is our planet, we are the keepers and help of it. We would not like it if someday robots took over and kept us as their servants and made us clean toilets. Sincerely hoping a day like this won’t come.