[7 Reasons] Why Pets should be Allowed in Public Places?

Why pets should be allowed in public places?

Pets can be a source of joy for many people. They provide mental support to alone people and are often taken as a companion. They are a source of unconditional love. They have become a family member of their owners and are cherished by them.

But alas! They can’t think of spending quality time with their pets. Most of the public places and public transports do not allow pets. So forget about going on a trip with your dog, you can’t even o to a public place to vet for routine checkups.

Pets are not allowed in public transports, stores, or restaurants. Even if you take your pet to a pet café you won’t serve any food as they don’t serve human food. To take your pet to a clinic or a vet you have to take him in a carrier under strict supervision.

If you are going on a vacation or a family holiday you have to leave your pet in the house or a pet center. Or you have to ask the airport whether you can bring a weird scaly friend on the plane. And spend hours researching how to take your pet by plane or train.

Pets aren’t allowed to travel on public transport because of inconvenience caused by them to other peoples…Your pet can be your best buddy but can be a nightmare for others.

Many pet owners want some relief from this restriction. The majority of people want their pets to be allowed at least in playgrounds, public parks, beaches, and public transport. A well-behaved and leashed pet should be allowed in a public place, with the sole responsibility of its owners.

The reason why Pets should be allowed in Public Places

  1. Pets are a source of joy:

In the stressful life of people pets can lift the spirits of their owners, so why not introduce these cutie pies in the stressful life of students, workers, or office goers. Just think of a cute dog or a rabbit roaming in your campus or office that with their sweet expression and personality lifts your mood.

  1. Pets provide therapy :

Pets are known to provide emotional support and improve the mental health of people. Pets especially dogs are known to have therapeutic benefits for a person. Therapeutic dogs should be allowed in a public place to reduce stress, lessen anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues.

  1. Improves health:

Pets are known to improve the health of their owners by improving their sleeping patterns and heart health. They can help to reduce stress and improve overall physical and mental health. Unfortunately, many public places do not allow pets, so they are missing their amazing benefits.

  1. They can save your life:

A pet can save lives…how? As discussed above there can lessen stress, and promote healthy and loner life. They can also improve the emotional health of people by their unconditional love. Also, there are many examples where a pet saves its owner’s life…how? By alerting people of gas leaks, upcoming earthquakes, saving you from thieves, etc.

  1. Pets are helpful for disabled person:

Dogs or miniature horses are known to be beneficial for the physically and mentally impaired. Service pet performs tasks for their disabled owners like hearing, sight, mobility, psychiatric services, and medical alert.

  1. Dogs can detect disease:

A dog can be trained to alert their owners of dropping blood sugar or can smell cancerous cells, and also detects if their owners are having any heart issues.

  1. Pets can help people to be productive:

A pet can increase productivity and improve the overall performance of people. So if they are introduced in an office or a campus they can help to lower their stress and be happy consequently they work will optimize.

Pets are usually prohibited from public places for safety, hygiene, and cleanliness issues, but if a pet is well-behaved and well-trained and the owner is ready to take full responsibility for him they should be allowed in public places. Even they should be introduced in offices and campus for they can be helpful for everyone.