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Deeksha Paswan is an SEO Content Writer and Copywriter. She loves to write on a Variety of Topics and her articles rank well on Google SERPs. She is a free spirit by heart. She loves to learn new things and strives for perfection. If you want to connect, you can always find her on LinkedIn.

What is the Lifestyle of a Neurosurgeon?

Do you aspire to become a Neurosurgeon? Well, it is a well-paid and precious job. Doctors are considered as God. This is only because...
100K a year wont make your rich

How comfortable is life for those who make $100,000 or more...

Do you also dream of making a six-figure salary one day? Well, yes, this is the dream of most of us and it can...
Monster Energy Drink

How long does a regular can of Monster Energy keep you...

After a long tiring day or before a tiring workout all you need is a can of monster energy.  A can of Monster energy...
Billie Eilish

Why is Billie Eilish so Beautiful? An upcoming Pop-Star!

Do you know Billie Eilish? Or have you heard of any of her sons? If yes, then you would agree with this sentence that...

Was Elon Musk Bald? How did Elon Musk grow his hair...

Elon Musk! He is a man with an amazing persona and achievements. He is known for this extraordinary success and contribution to technology. You...
cooler CPU

Is a CPU Cooler necessary for my PC? – Detailed Guide!

Mobiles, Computers, Laptops and all other devices produce heat. If you may feel it when you have to keep your laptop on your lap...
chambered heart

Hearts of Different Animals: Does Cow really have four hearts?

Let me clear something first heart that I am discussing today is different from the valentines heart. We will talk about real the heart,...
different blood types

Can two Siblings with different Blood types have the same Parents?

Blood is an essential liquid of our body. It supplies oxygen, hormones, nutrients, and even waste material to its respective places. Researchers have categorized...

Are Goku’s fighting stances real Kung-Fu stances or just made up?

Are you a fan of Goku? The fighting master of Dragon world. He is the ultimate hero of the famous anime series. He looks...

What are difference Eye Expressions? Detailed Guide!

The eyes are the most important sensory organ of our body. Without it, we cannot see this beautiful word. However, there is something else...