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Job with Udemy certificate

Can you get a Job with Udemy Certificate?

Today you can get online courses on almost everything, whether you want to update your skills or learn a new hobby. Udemy is an...
Why is shroud not streaming

Why is Shroud not streaming? Did he quit? What is he...

Are you a fan of popular Twitch streamer Shroud? Shroud moved to Mixer from Twitch after signing a contract with them. His account was...
Lawyers investigate crime scenes

Can Lawyers investigate crime scenes? Can they collect evidence?

Why do you want to become a lawyer? For most people, it is because this profession looks thrilling to them. A lawyer investigates the...
Why makeup artists wear black?

Why Makeup Artists wear Black? Tried to Break it down!

Have you ever notice a Makeup artist…And wondered why is she wearing all black...Well, that’s what we are going to talk about. Why Makeup...
Leslie Jordan famous

Why is Leslie Jordan Famous? Everything you need to know!

2020 who can forget this year? Coronavirus, Pandemic, Chaos, Lockdown, etc. Amidst of this human was feeling despair, and hopeless. Yet, during this time...

Can Lawyers sue their Clients? What happens next? Things to consider!

So, after a long, tiring day and night the case has finished. But now you face another problem…your client is denying to pay you...
what makeup can you take in hand luggage

What Makeup can you take in Hand Luggage in a Flight?

Some people say people use that makeup to hide their insecurities and flaws, but I don't believe that. Makeup is a form of art...

Can a Lawyer get in trouble for Lying?

Did you watch a Drama with a lawyer as a villain? Don’t let yourself swayed by the misconception that lawyers are habitual or tempted...
Athletic Sports

Why Sports became a form of Entertainment?

Do you watch any sports? Do you watch it for athletic pleasure or as a source of entertainment? Sports have nowadays become a big source...
Sports need good posture

What Sports need Good Posture? – Types of Postures

Have you even notice a sportsperson's posture? A good posture optimizes their performance and reduces the risk of injury. Sports involve different postures. Before we...