How comfortable is life for those who make $100,000 or more a year?

100K a year wont make your rich

Do you also dream of making a six-figure salary one day? Well, yes, this is the dream of most of us and it can bring us many things to lead a comfortable life. However, do you ever have this question of how comfortable is life for those who make $100,000 or more a year?

In this article, I will discuss every aspect of a person earning a six-figure salary and what jobs can help you to earn it. So stay with us until the end if you too dream so.

The figure of $100,000 per year salary

If you are making $100,000 per year you, salary will look like this:

# 8,333.33 per month

# 2,083.33 per week

Is a Person Earning over $100,000 Considered as Rich?

Well, if we take US lifestyle and cost of living into consideration then we can easily conclude that you are not surely considered as rich if you are earning $100,000 a year, instead, you are a middle class i.e. lower to upper-middle-class depending on where you reside.

After deducting tax money you will be left with around $70,000-$80,000 per year. Therefore as you can see, you will have around $70 to $80k at your disposal and hence you are not considered as rich. However, you will surely be able to live a pretty decent and comfortable lifestyle.

How Comfortable is Life for Those Who Make $100,000 or More a Year?

The answer to this question varies owing to different factors such as city, your lifestyle, family, etc.


If you are a single individual around 25 years old, you will be able to live a decent life with your salary. You will be able to maintain a decent lifestyle. Moreover, you will be considered as rich if you live in a decent city and upper-middle-class if you reside in a big city.

Family of Two

If you are earning $100,000 and are a family of two then you will still be able to manage a decent lifestyle. However, if your partner is not earning anything or much then you will not have much money to spend on a lavish lifestyle. Yet you both will be able to make a trip once every two months.

Family of Three

For a family of three, you would be able to live a comfortable life. Though you won’t be able to spend much money on yourself. However, you would be able to survive. Moreover, with correct budgeting and tight spending, you would be able to afford a trip twice or thrice a year.

Family of Four

$100k per year is the average income for an average household in the US. You won’t be able to live comfortably alone in expensive cities but live a comfortable life in moderate cities.

With proper budget and discipline, you and your family can live a decent life fulfilling all your wants.

How to Earn $100 k Per Year?

There are many jobs that you can do to earn $100k per year if you have a good academic background but are difficult if you don’t have a degree or are still a student. However, here are some occupations that would make you a six-figure salary.


Starting your own business is the surest way to get rich soon. With proper knowledge, passion and implementation you can build your empire. You don’t need to start as a giant corporation, a small business can also help you to earn $100k or even more than that.


If you know how to make magic in the kitchen then you should surely try your luck as a chef. You can either sign in for a hotel management course for extensive training and become a chef in a five-star hotel or simply open a small cafe of your own. You can even start online or offline classes to earn money.


If you are an athletic person then simply participate in all kinds of competitions from the state level to the international level. You will not only be awarded prize money but also free scholarships and other privileges.

Freelance Writer

If your English skills are good enough and you have a knack for writing then you can start your career as a freelance writer. The salary won’t be a six-figure one but slowly with each experience and acquisition of skills it will rise and one day around or more than $100k per year.

IT Manager

If you are a tech-pro then many tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft have many opportunities for you. You will easily be able to earn $100k or more working in these organizations.


To conclude we can say that how comfortable your lifestyle is while earning $100k largely depends on your lifestyle, spending, the city you are residing and family members.