9 Reasons Why Mental Health Care should be Free!


Health means to be physically, mentally, and socially healthy. However, society underestimates our mental health and doesn’t promote it. It is very important to understand that our mental health includes equal value as others. Therapy comes into play to help us with issues, daily life struggles, or any major mental disorders that a person might possess. 

Therapy is highly expensive. A therapist usually charges 500-2500 INR per session, and a psychiatrist charges even more. According to research, 1 out of 5 individuals face depression within 18-25 yrs atleast once in their life. This is why mental health care should be free. 

  • Mental health is not a luxury but a necessity. Mental health is not something that a person can ignore, and only the “rich” should possess. It is the need of every individual. 
  • Mental health care should be free since most people who suffer from it are very young and inexperienced. These children face many social stigmas related to it and for them to open up is hard. Many parents give up on their children or don’t feel great about their children having such issues. Parents often don’t believe in such terms and hence don’t wish to invest in such expenses, which is wrong as these things end up growing and growing, deteriorating your child’s mental health. 
  • Physical and social health is dependent on mental health. If one doesn’t function well, the other one will decline as well; this the person will lose his/her overall balance. 
  • Like said earlier, mental health affects all individuals and doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Hence a person living in a rural area will also face it. It will be very difficult for them to prioritize their mental health expenses with the other expenses. 
  • Psychiatric medicines are very expensive; not everyone can afford them. 
  • Like sex education, mental health education should also be there, but they are very expensive and require special qualifications. 

sex education

  • Therapy indeed has a lot of benefits- it helps us to become better individuals. You can discuss your daily goals with your therapist. A person working in the job sector can take counseling and flourish in his career, which will ultimately be an asset to the country’s economy. 
  • More people will be able to take risks, go out of their way, go to protests and fight for the betterment of the country if their mental health is guided. 
  • The world will be a better and more kind place. Everybody will not just breathe but live. The world will be a happier place with a complex set of individuals ready to work harder and harder each day.