17 Ways to Deal with Bullying ! 5 Strategies to Fight against it!

Fight against Bullying

Bullying hurts! Bullying can even ruin someone’s life. It can harm a child or a person physically as well as mentally. Therefore if you are being bullied or someone you know or your child is being bullied, then you should take serious steps to prevent this from happening.


Bullying can poison someone’s life and affect their mental development. It can even become a trauma of someone’s life. While some people find Bullying as a joke one does to entertains himself, it can ruin the victim’s whole life. In worst cases, it can even lead to suicide or shocks.

Definition of Bullying

Bullying refers to unwanted and aggressive behavior and could be associated with physical harm.

Three important elements of Bullying:-

– Unwanted and Aggressive behavior

– Use of physical power

– Continuous behavior

Simple Bullying can turn into serious life-threatening situations like beatings, life threats, and daily harassment.

Why Does Bullying Happen?

Bullying can happen because of various reasons, generally, bullies try to feel powerful, be popular, or simply for fun. A bully lacks parental attention and guidance. They can suffer from behavioral disorders; have family problems, or doing to become cool.

Victims of the bully are generally passive, less popular, or of weak family background.

Bullying is a dangerous activity but unfortunately, it happens everywhere, every time. It can happen in school, playground, home, or office, it can happen at any age group: whether young kids (10-12 years) or even in college-going teens.

Types of Bullying

Bullying can happen in different types:-

  • Physical Bullying: It involves harming another person physically or damaging another person’s belonging. For example hitting, punching, pinching, spitting, pushing, etc.
  • Verbal Bullying: Verbal Bullying implies harming someone verbally and causing pain, harm, or embarrassing them. For example, making inappropriate or sexual comments on someone, teasing or taunting.
  • Relational Bullying: It includes boycotting someone and making him feel alone and miserable. Methods include spreading rumors, telling false about someone.
  • Cyber Bullying: Bullying over digital devices or online is known as Cyber Bullying. It is quite similar to verbal Bullying but happens online. The bully could be known or anonymous. It happens on social media sites or via text or calls. Examples: Spreading rumors on social media, posting embarrassing photos, videos of someone, or make harsh comments on someone publically.

How to spot Bullying: Top Warning Signs

No one wants his child to be bullied. But how will you spot if your child is being bullied or not? Here are some common symptoms that a victim exhibits.

  • Staying Alone: A general sin of a victim is withdrawal. A Victim generally tries to separate him from the social settings. He would sit alone and often a zone of.
  • Denial to o to school: If your child is frightened to o to school and keeps giving excuses then it could be that he is scared because of Bullying.
  • Decreased self-confidence: If you notice a sudden decrease in your child’s self-esteem, then something is off. Bullying throws away a child’s confidence and makes him feel small in front of others.
  • Disturbed sleep cycle: If your child is suddenly sleeping more or not sleeping at all, both are disturbing sins.

– Firstly, if he is not sleeping, it could be that he is having too much to think about and cannot shut his brain due to the stress of going to the same again.

– Secondly, if he is sleeping the whole day, it could be that he is trying to avoid reality.

  • Other symptoms can be: Less active, talking, zoning off, sad, and trying to hide something. Moreover, sometimes he can become aggressive too suddenly.

The Best Strategies to Fight against Bullying

Being bullied can make you feel alone and helpless. When you see yourself in such a situation you could feel like nobody can help you and can inhibit fear of the bully. But this is not the case, Remember

  • Always try to seek help, it could be anyone: your school administration, anti-Bullying cell, parents, friends, or someone close to you.
  • Never feel alone and don’t feel scared, that person who s Bullying is weak and has a weak personality.
  • Moreover, you don’t deserve to be bullied and no one else.
  • You are strong enough to deal with them.
  • Don’t hurt yourself, nothing is hopeless everything can be solved.

Moreover, try out these best strategies which can help you against Bullying.

How to deal with bullies?

  • Self-defense: You can’t always avoid bullies; there will be times when you have to face bullies. Therefore don’t be scared, they often outweigh you because you lack knowledge and confidence.
  • Learn some basic self-defense techniques like throwing some punches, kicks, and techniques. Moreover, improve your confidence and trust yourself.
  • Always prepare yourself mentally: You are not alone many others are facing similar and even direr situations. Prepare yourself mentally, for this, you can engage yourself in tough sport-like martial arts, sword fighting, etc.
  • Build Alliances: Try to involve yourself with stronger seniors and fellows. Just make friends with some strong personalities and you are all set.
  • Don’t bear insults: Never face Bullying silently, don’t be scared to fight back. They are trying to insult you, come up with even cooler comebacks.
  • Here are some great comebacks you can use:
  • You can do much better than this
  • Whatever!
  • Buzz off
  • I know you are my fan but enough talking
  • Take some interest in your life too
  • Enough!
  • I am not scared of you
  • Ignore them: Sometimes, just ignore them. No paying attention will give any rewards to your bullies and they will get bored of you and would leave you alone.
  • Seek for help: Try to seek help; it can be anyone from your parents to a teacher. They are there to help you so don’t be scared to reach them.
  • Stay in the group: Alone children are more likely to get bullied, therefore try to be in a group.
  • Confident Body language: Don’t be scared! Scared and weak ones are attacked first. Try to inhibit some confident body language and walk confidently in front of your bullies.

Always remember no one deserves Bullying and so does you. Be confident and always seek help. If you see someone else is getting bullied, don’t just walk away try to help them. And this way you can simply defeat your bullies easily.