9 Points to Explain Borderline Personality Disorder in detail

Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Some days BPD kills your Motivation to get up and do anything at all. It feels like it is Physically Impossible to do anything productive. Not doing anything causes Guilt. Feeling Guilty causes Stress and Extreme Anxiety. Extreme Anxiety and Stress cause Deep Depression. The Deep Depression causes a Severe Lack of Energy. The Severe Lack of Energy kills your Motivation and prevents you from doing anything productive at all. It’s a Horrible Vicious BPD Cycle some days.
  • With BPD there is such a broad spectrum of ways in which the illness presents itself. There are 9 traits on its criteria, and one must display at least 5 in order to receive an accurate diagnosis. But having 5 or more out of the 9 means there are so so many different combinations of BPD, and also so many ways that those symptoms can manifest. So on one hand you may have a borderline who functions well today, isn’t on any medication, and has never been admitted to hospital, and on the other hand, you have a borderline who has been in hospital for 6 years, is on a cocktail of drugs and can struggle to live in the community. A borderline personality disorder is unique to each individual who suffers from it. And as with anything, it has good days and bad days.
  • BPD FACTS and things that you need to pay attention to:
  • People with BPD have overactive frontal lobes (the things that control emotion and memory)
  • People with BPD have amygdala glands that are 16% smaller (the part of the brain that regulates emotion)
  • People with BPD experience pain similar to how others feel when they lose a loved one almost daily over super minor things (like not texting back after we say we love you, or like getting blamed for something we didn’t do, or like not getting rewarded for something we did)
  • People with BPD will test others by pushing them away.
  • After an episode, people with BPD most likely won’t remember much of it and can bounce back fairly quickly. This can be confusing to others.
  • When a person with BPD tells you they feel suicidal, no matter how often, they mean it. BPD is horribly, horribly painful.

In the future, you will thank you for sustaining your boundaries, for not self-abandoning, for putting. yourself first when you are so used to putting yourself last. In the future you want you to give yourself love and compassion with your actions today.