5 Reasons Why Social Media is Bad for Our Society

Social Media bad for society

Social media is a massive platform where people create and share their ideas and knowledge and also interact with one another virtually. Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc are some of the most used digital mediums of the time.

As every coin has two sides with all the good points of social media even comes some of the bad ones. On one hand, it serves as a great platform to create and share talent reaching out to a wider audience at the same time it evens brings negative issues also.

Social media itself is not a problem, however, its usage is a big-time issue. Smartphones and the internet have become a crucial part of our daily lives and along with it, social media. Social media has mainly impacted today’s teens, from updating the status of a morning selfie to the picture of your dinner of the day many users get obsessed over the use of social media.

Major Issues associated with Social Media

Real v/s Fake:

Not always what we see on social media is real. This can be the person you are talking to or a brand.


According to the surveys, most of the time we spend on social media either creating, sharing, searching, or tweeting about something. The more we are engaged with this platform, the more likely we will be less productive. There is an increased lack of focus on the work, thus increasing unproductivity in an individual. Being unproductive causes a lot of mental issues to the person i.e the person might think worthless about themselves as they have spent their whole time doing nothing. There is also the least interaction among the colleagues at the workplace thereby affecting social behavior.

Mental health:

Social Media and Mental health

Reports suggest that people who use this platform regularly have high levels of stress. This stress can contribute to harming their work thus leading to depression and anxiety issues. Stress may be caused due to not able to do something that your favorite blogger is doing. It can be negatively influenced by the reel reality.


Its regular use may create an addiction. For example, when you post a picture there is an eagerness to know who liked it and who commented on it. For that, you, again and again, re-visit your profile. The positive response on your feed causes the release of happy hormones and you feel happy. On the other hand, the negative impact can spoil your mood and make you unhappy. Thus, this behavior can make one lose attention on their daily task.

False Facts:

As mentioned above, what we see on social media may not always be real. At times the knowledge or information shared about something can be false. Thus, misleading the reader and keeping them confused about some facts. This is mainly done by some brands for high promotion and selling of their products.

FOMO( Fear Of Missing Out) :

This platform has become so integral part of our daily routine that if we don’t use it, we tend to intensely feel that we are missing out on something huge. And this feeling will keep us more disturbed throughout until we don’t checkout.

Dark side- Cyber-bullying :

The ugliest side of the social media platform is cyberbullying. Statistical data shows an increased rate of bullying among teens using this platform. This can take place at the workplace as well with an intention of revenge or envy with a specific colleague. This affects mental health leading to anxiety and depression among the person being bullied.

Tips to stay positive on Social Media

Here the mantra to stay positive on social media, follow accounts that are inspirational or informative, try to learn from such accounts. Set a time limit on your smartphone on the usage of social media. Try and share what you are good at. It is one of the great platforms to express your creativity. Avoid any negative news, comments, or profile. Ignore what bothers you.

Take Social Media Detox occasionally 🙂

There is a lot of change in the way we socialize, work and live in today’s time of technology. However, the control is still in our hands. The platform when used right remains as positive as it can.

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