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controversy regarding the Myntra logo

What is the recent Controversy regarding the Myntra Logo?

There have been many logo design blunders and failures over the entire year, but very few of them have ended with a police complaint...

What is the Difference of Double Eye Lids and Hooded Eyes?

When you finally figure out your eye shape, you can suddenly get the realizations that your eyes have a unique shape and size to...
JoJo's Bizarre Adventures

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Who was Born first, Doppio or Diavolo?

The universe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reflects the real world with the added existence of supernatural forces and beings. In this setting, some people...
What are good ab workouts for teenagers?

What are good Ab Workouts for Teenagers? [5 Abs Workouts]

You know the old saying: good ab workouts for teenagers are hard to find. A quick search on Google will show more “best ab...
Uzaki-chan, Sugoi Dekai

What does “Uzaki-chan, Sugoi Dekai!” mean in English?

Have you ever wondered what Sugoi Dekai means in Uzaki-chan's shirt? What does this expression so present in Anime mean? This article will try...

[4 Techniques] Which Technology is used to predict Hurricanes?

Hurricanes are big and moving storms. These are mostly produced with a wind speed of about 120 kilometers per hour or more than this....
gardening good for your immune system

[8 Benefits] Is Gardening good for your Immune system?

There have been a lot of researches going on about if gardens are good for immune systems. The results of these are showing that...
Why are humans swallowed by technology?

Why are Humans Swallowed by Technology? [Explained]

For the last 5-6 years, technology has affected our lives a lot. We have spent a lot of time developing new and more advanced...
Gardening and Agriculture

Are Gardening and Agriculture the same? What is Horticulture?

Have you ever given a thought about what is the difference between gardening and agriculture is? Do you just randomly ask yourself if gardening...
Call of Duty Warzone

Is COD Warzone and Cold War the same? What is the...

This week, Call of Duty was released. Yeah, we know it was already available to play but here we are talking about the new...