Are Gardening and Agriculture the same? What is Horticulture?

Gardening and Agriculture

Have you ever given a thought about what is the difference between gardening and agriculture is? Do you just randomly ask yourself if gardening can be considered the same as agriculture? Maybe gardening and agriculture are the same because these have the same purpose, that it growing crops. Maybe you also think if agriculture is not the same as gardening because it is done on a bigger piece of land. Well, there are a lot of different things one person can consider.

There have been a lot of debates over the fact that what is really the difference between these two things and if there is any difference or not. We know that both of these activities involve the growth of crops on a piece of land, but there is a lot more to it than just this.

In this article, we will be discussing the difference between these two practices and how many people still think this is one entire practice. We will also discuss if they can ever be called one.


Agriculture is basically the cultivation of plants and livestock. Agriculture was the one things that had paved the way for humans, meaning in the old times they used to farm domestic animals and also generated food from them. This led to the lives of humans in cities. Agriculture can also be defined as something that requires a lot of extensive distribution of food for living beings.

Agriculture requires the use of cultivating food crops and the nurturing of animals for a living. This process of agriculture is an entire food web of redistribution of different approaches. This web starts from the sun and then provides all of the important needs of plants for growth. This entire process is known as photosynthesis.

What is Gardening?

What is Gardening

Gardening is a part of Horticulture. This is basically the cultivation of different plants. Most of the time, gardens only grow plants that have a better appearance

than others. Gardens are mostly used as a showpiece for growing food and flowers. Many people do gardening because it feels like a relaxing job.

Gardens mostly have herbs, root crops, fruits, vegetables, plants for growing. And most of these gardens are in the backyard of houses.

Gardens have plants for a lot of different reasons, like for cosmetic use, for making dye, and for medicinal uses.

No, gardens do not only grow flowers. They have a wide range of things that can be grown in them. Gardens have fruits and sometimes paintings in them too.

There are a lot of different types of gardening, there are growing shrubs, sometimes trees, cosmetic and medicinal herbs, etc.

Now we will talk about Horticulture. What is it? And why is it mentioned here?


It is important to mention horticulture here because it is a part of agriculture.

What is it? Horticulture is basically the practice in which the agriculture of plants, mainly for comfort, cosmetics, food, and other materials are grown. In Horticulture, fruits, vegetables, ornaments, nuts, viatication, etc other services are given. Horticulture also includes the restoration of landscapes, management of soil, conservation of plants, designing gardens, etc are given.

How are Horticulture and hardening related? Horticulture for sure includes the use of cultivation, plant propagations, creation of crops, and composition of plants. Horticulture is a part of agriculture. It is associated with these two because of the same process they have and how much they have in common. Many techniques used in this are the same as in agriculture.

What makes horticulture different from agriculture? The main difference between these two is that Horticulture deals with the use of small-scale gardening processes, whereas agriculture involves a large amount of land for growing.

Horticulture has a very strict plant cultivation principle but agriculture deals with both animal husbandry and crop cultivation. Horticulture includes the use for

cultivation of plants that can not be consumed by humans and in agriculture, the main focus of cultivation is on the growth of food for humans. And horticulture is done on small-scaled areas and plots, whereas agriculture involves cultivation in a big space.


So, the main question is, if gardening is agriculture? Yes. It is. You have read everything above. Gardening is the process of growing plants but in the form of horticulture. Both of these processes are responsible for feeding humans. Hence, they are the same.

In simple words, the only reason why gardening is considered agriculture is that gardening is a part of the entire horticulture process. Both are the same, just one is don’t on a bigger piece of land, while the other can be performed on smaller plots of land.