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Hailing from Udaipur, the city of lakes, Nehal Gupta is a content writer working for Belgeard. A believer and a dreamer, she weaves her thoughts into making a fine piece of writing. A commerce graduate, she follows writing religiously and believes in the magic of words. She loves to brew coffee which is her therapy in disguise. An avid reader and a hobbyist poet, her poetries run wild in her parallel world. In her free time, she travels and listens to music.
Twitch Partner

Can Twitch take away Partnership of Twitch Partners?

Back in the times when streaming or broadcasting was limited to radio channels, televisions, and other media electronics, it was easy to reach many...
twitch Donations

Can Twitch Donations be Taken Back? Are Donations Refundable?

Donations are the certain amount of money paid by people for a charitable cause. BUT, the donations on twitch are a different scenario, altogether....
Lurking On Twitch

Can Twitch Streamers see who is watching? Detailed Guide!

Lurking or stalking is something that has long been the tendency of many people. Whether it is about peeping through the accounts, stalking a...
mordern gadget

How Modern Gadgets Affect Our Education System?

Technology has always been friends with creative minds who perceive it as a revolution to humankind. While 40% of the population still counts on...

What Companies do Fashion Designers work for?[Top 5]

A fashion designing job has been the highest-paid job in the creative field. If patterns, designs, textures, and color have always inspired you to...
Fashion Designers

Do Fashion Designers get Paid well? Detailed Guide!

Like every other profession, the fashion industry is one of the most dignified industries to have emerged from custom-made fashion to mass-market fashion. When...
Urban Gardening

Reasons Why Urban Gardening is Important [Changing Lives]

Did you see the last video of Preity Zinta growing fruits and vegetables in her backyard? We are guessing you must have been through...
Goodwill Industries Donate Home Decor

Can you Donate Home Decor To Goodwill? Answered all your questions!

Those fresh flowers sliding into a ceramic vase are probably expecting a corner to catch your attention. And those paintings hung right at the...