Can Twitch take away Partnership of Twitch Partners?

Twitch Partner

Back in the times when streaming or broadcasting was limited to radio channels, televisions, and other media electronics, it was easy to reach many people and still feel assured to have an association for the long term.

With times evolving, conventional streaming has taken a U-turn, creating a new medium to shift towards a full-time career by recognizing your interests and sharing them at the same time. In simple words, the medium of sharing content has changed, keeping the intent still the same.

As is often seen today, various live-streaming apps like Facebook Live or YouTube have created a large fanbase. With the flexibility to stream anything live, these mediums also bring some responsibilities for creators. Though being free of cost, these possess a few cost-worthy risks.

How Is Twitch Different From Other Apps?

One such platform is Twitch, a gaming community, and a social media platform that brings all the people with the same interests, under one roof.

For instance, a group of professional players or hobbyist gamers who religiously play Fortnite, Counter-Strike, League Of Legends, and the like.

The players on twitch can use the services as long as the platform is capable of maintaining their accounts. For that reason, twitch offers a program for both the users and the streamers – Twitch Partner Program.

The program is likely to build your identity by many factors, it also imposes some risk for its members. More so, when someone fails to live up to the Twitch standards.

Before digging into the details, read everything about the Twitch Partner Program and the many benefits.

What is the Twitch Partner Program?

The Twitch Partner Program is a premium-level achievement for gamers who intend to be professional players. This program allows such people to upgrade their skills and audience reach, apart from earning money by a large fraction.

The plan is free for anyone but comes with great costs that include passion, consistent efforts, powerful performance, and building traffic for impressive results.

Before the Twitch Partner Program, the players come across a Twitch Affiliate Program which is easy to reach. With every level, your progress as a player is tallied with certain metrics, making you eligible to join the program.

Some requirements to become a Twitch Partner are:

  1. A twitch streamer should stream for at least 25 hours a month.
  2. A streamer must be active for 12 days a month.
  3. The viewership of the streamers should be an average of 75 viewers, not including the raids, hosts, and embeds.

Is Twitch Partner Program Worth the efforts?

Keeping aside the minimum criteria, the Twitch Partner program is worth the time and energy. Apart from unlocking doors to a long-term partnership, the achievement is helpful in many aspects, both in terms of money and popularity.

The Twitch Partners are the same people who were either affiliates or skipped the plan to join hands with Twitch Partnership. Unlike Twitch Affiliates, who have access to some major benefits, the Twitch Partners can withdraw some additional special features, specific to partners.

Listed down are some monetary benefits and special features for Twitch Partners:

Money-making benefits:

  1. Channel Subscriptions:


Depending on the performance, the partners receive the subscriptions fees from the viewers.

  1. Bits:

As soon as your stream goes live, the viewers get access to bits, an emoticon for cheerful expression. The viewers use bits purchased from twitch to cheer the streamers.

  1. Ads:

Another source of revenue, many streamers use click-able ads on their channels to earn revenue.

Special Features:

  • Special channel features like a chat badge, up to 50 emoticons, a verified user badge, a free lifetime subscription for chatbot, and additional subscriptions for family.
  • More video-on-demand storage for 60 days.
  • Access to support team, create your team, and other promotional features and 15-minute delay broadcast option.

Does Twitch Remove the Partners From The Twitch Partner program?

Yes, the platform controls everything that you as a viewer or a streamer do on your channel. Apart from the best features of The Twitch Partner Program, the partners can be punished for not adhering to the guidelines:

  • When streamers do not live stream for more than a year

As an active member of the Twitch Partner, it is essential to make Twitch aware of your existence as a partner. By existence, we mean consistent use of the twitch partner account and not leaving it midway after creating an account.

As soon as you stop using your partner account, you are likely to appear on Twitch’s inactive accounts. Most of the inactive accounts on twitch lose partner status when they remain unused for over a year.

For good measure, streamers should be streaming in the middle of months, as and when the time permits.

  • When streamers do not adhere to the Terms of Service

The Twitch Partner Program allows the streamers to study all the relevant terms and conditions before joining the partner program.

These are the rules that Twitch follows throughout by changing the algorithms and protecting privacy. When you break the terms of service, you fall into the category of disruptive behavior.

In the worst-case scenario, the misuse of the website can impose a permanent ban on your user account, let alone losing the partnership.

Read details of the Terms of Service here.

  • When streamers use another live streaming platform

Any live streaming platform like Facebook Live, Youtube, or Instagram is a few leading groups in the category of popular live-streaming apps. It is natural to feel attracted towards the analytics and the many options that the apps offer.

But as per the Twitch guidelines, a streamer must remain on one platform and avoid using any other platform.

If Twitch Affiliates have the flexibility of streaming on other apps, provided they are different in content. On the other hand, the Twitch Partner program requires partners to remain loyal to the platform.

  • When streamers end the contract

The streamers can end the agreement on any grounds, which makes them lose their partner status. From the inability to remain active to switching on other apps, there can be any reason for streamers to back off.

Even if the streamers have no appropriate reason, they still have an option to move away from the partnership. That is helpful in future events when streamers decide to re-apply for the Twitch Partner Program.

The problem arises when Twitch decides to remove your account from the partner program. In that case, you are likely to suffer damages leading to a permanent ban on partnership benefits.

Final Words

In a nutshell, any streamer can successfully avail the benefits of the Twitch Partner Program. But not everyone has the patience and integrity to remain in compliance with the guidelines.

The partnership status is necessarily not affected by the viewers, followers, or subscribers. But it is most affected by your activity, the predefined rules, and the stream frequency.