Can Twitch Streamers see who is watching? Detailed Guide!

Lurking On Twitch

Lurking or stalking is something that has long been the tendency of many people. Whether it is about peeping through the accounts, stalking a person online, or watching a live story, we have all been there.

But do you know that everything you do online is being recorded either in some way or the other?

Among many questions that threaten the minds, one of the popular American live streaming platforms “Twitch” is making headlines because of its viewers.

But as to finding out if twitch streamers can see who is watching them, let us dig deep into the details.

What exactly is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform widely popular in America. Meant for playing professional-level video games, the platform allows its users to play and record the video games for their live audience.

Twitch streamers are professional players who actively participate to play video games either as a hobby or for personal gain.

Who has access to the Twitch channels?

When a live streamer records anything live onto their channels, the streamer is reaching out to the many different people who own a phone or a laptop. As simple as to say, anybody who uses Twitch or came across a link to the platform has the freedom to watch the professionals play their favorite games.

Then, what is the difference? What is the hype that questions the minds regarding the viewers of the Twitch platform?

The answer to this question is the difference between the users.

  1. Registered Users:


    The users who sign up for the platform are known as registered users. These people can be other live streamers who have an interest in the streams of their competitors or friends, or they can be users who have just landed the platform for their love for video games.

    As to the subject of accessibility, they can view the live streams when any player records them to their channel. Additionally, they can watch the streams later as these live channels remain active for 24 hours.

    Now, whether the live streamer can see them depends on their personal choice. However, the streamers always have an option to visit their settings tab, located at the bottom of the page, to keep an eye on their viewer’s list.

    The list depicts the usernames of people who have been stalking your live videos.

  2. Non-registered users:


    The users visiting Twitch but are not likely to stay for a long term do not necessarily sign up on the platform. Such people are just randomly crawling the live streams as they like to watch the professionals on twitch.

    People who do not register an account on Twitch are likely to experience the live videos without any additional fee. However, the non-registered users are hardly ever noticed by the live streamers. That is because the viewers’ list only captures the viewers with a username.

Alternatives To Keep An Eye On Your Audience:

twitch streamer

  1. Viewers’ Count:

    The viewers’ count is one important feature for live streamers to understand the impact of each of their live channels. For instance, when a player goes live for the audience, the number of people who watch them at that very moment is also being counted by the algorithms of Twitch.
    Located at the right of the bottom, the red-colored number shown on the screen is the viewers’ count.
    To be precise, the numbers are accurately shown to make the live streamers aware of their reach to the masses. It implies the metrics of how many people are watching you, which is vital to ascertain your popularity and the channel’s reach, among many other competitors.

  2. Live Chat:

    Live chat is one of the most important and underrated features of Twitch. The live chat feature is available for any user who is a viewer or a player.

    Through this medium, the live streamers can have a direct conversation with many viewers. But the feature is limited to only registered viewers. They can interact and relate to the professionals through personal chat while playing games at the same time.

    The live chat can happen if the viewers (registered viewers) comment on any live streams.

    On the part of Live streamers, the access to live chat depends individually. Some may directly like to engage with their audience while playing games and some may not.

    Although, the live streamers are left with two options – private and whisper.

    If the private chat allows the live streamers to start a private chat with any of the viewers, the whisper option focuses on a particular viewer, where messages exist on public chat but remain hidden from every other viewer. By using /w before a username, the whisper chat option can also be the chat medium for live streamers.

How Beneficial is Twitch Platform?

The twitch platform is a major focus for people who have easy access, is a professional player and can retain its benefits for long term financial gain.

The users of Twitch can make money and can generate a consistent revenue with little effort:

  1. Twitch platform:

    Twitch is a very popular medium to broadcast various channels to a large audience. For that purpose, it builds a network through connections with advertisers and subscription fees. Various gaming advertisement companies project a proposal to the makers of Twitch. These ad companies are the major source of revenue for Twitch, the portion to which keeps on fluctuating.

  2. Twitch live streamers:

    Twitch is an amazing opportunity to make a living for many Americans. The live streamers often make money when viewers subscribe to their channels. Earned as a small portion in the form of the subscription fees, the performance of the streamers makes way for their income. Alternatively, the streamers can make a decent amount when someone donates money as a tip for a great performance. Even the platform itself bombards the players with earnings when a player excels in their game, they receive scholarships from Twitch.