Is Gardening a Recreational Activity? Benefits of Gardening!

Is gardening a recreational activity?

Do you love Gardening? Yes…But do you know Gardening is a recreational activity? What does that mean? Ok, then keep reading this article, and you will get many reasons to love Gardening.  

First of all, let us answer this Question:

Is gardening a recreational activity?

Yes, Gardening is a recreational activity. 

Recreation is any activity which is done in leisure time.

Recreational Activity is referred to as any activity undertaken for the sake of pleasure, relaxation, or creativity. 

They can be individual or teamwork, involve you directly or indirectly, be safe or adventurous, or be for community benefits or personal benefits. 


One such Recreational Activity is Gardening. Whether you do Gardening at home on a big lawn or in small pots, it can be a great source of pleasure for you.  

People engaged in Gardening loves to be in touch with Nature; they love to dig and play with soil. It can be a great source for people, whether a kid or adult, to invest their leisure time.

Disable People, older adults, and sick people find Gardening rewarding for them. It can help them to relieve their stress and gives them pleasure.

Benefits of Gardening

– It can help to be healthy by growing your fresh vegetables and fruits. Especially a child will eat all vegetables that he grows by himself. 

– Gardening involves many physical activities like pulling weeds, lifting pots, moving them from one place to another, bending, walking, cutting, etc. It can, therefore, improves one’s flexibility and can be regarded as exercise.

– Some people do Gardening simply because it provides them with joy. Planting a seed, watering it, and watching it grow into a big and healthy plant can bring a joyful process.

– Gardening can make to feel many emotions. You might feel happy when your plants blossom beautiful flowers; you may feel excited and thrilled to wait for your planted seed to grow into a fruitful plant. You may also feel sadness and despair if someone harms your plants.

– Gardening can act as a stress buster and reduces depression and anxiety. 

– Gardening can also improve one’s mental health. Fresh air, isolation from a busy lifestyle, and satisfaction from growing plants can reduce depression.  

– Gardening can be the perfect activity for a family to come close. Parents and children can grow different plants together. In this way, children will learn about other plants and would learn to love Nature.  

– You can learn about different plants and the condition they need to grow.

– Finally, Gardening can bring your closer to Nature. You can enjoy your time outside in the fresh air.

Different types of Recreational Activities

– Hiking
– Yoga
– Swimming
– Gardening
– Jog or run
– Go to the beach
– Bird-watch
– Have a picnic
– Draw or paint a landscape
– Walk in the park
– Skiing and Snowboarding
– Surfing
– Golf
– Camping
– Bowling
– Tennis
– Mountain biking
– Fishing
– Skydiving
– Horseback Riding
– Rock-Climbing

Importance of Recreational Activities

Nowadays, people are more indulged in mental activities. They are weaker, both physically and emotionally, in comparison to the older generation. 

Recreational Activity impacts on Physical, Mental, and emotional health of people and improves their overall Quality of life.

  • Physical health:

Recreational Activities involving lots of physical activity like bicycling, skating, etc., helps to lower body fat percentage, blood pressure, and cholesterol, thereby improving the heart’s health. 

This also helps to increase muscular strength and endurance, stamina, and flexibility.

  • Mental health:

Some Recreational Activities involve mental activities. These can boost mental health. Activities which involve direct contact with Mother Nature can be soothing and relaxing at the same time.

  • Emotional health:

Recreational activities can also help to relieve stress. They can be a way to shift one’s focus from their workload to a fun-activity. They also act as a channel for someone to vent out their emotion; for instance, one can use paint to express and vent out his/her emotion. This also helps people to have a positive outlook for their problems and also gives them a new perspective to perceive the world.

  • Improved Quality of life: 

The recreational Activity also involves creative and skill-improving activities. They also teach people interpersonal skills, creative skills, and how to use their leisure time. It improves physical strength and mental health and makes a person emotionally strong, thereby enhancing the Quality of life. 

To conclude, we can say that the benefits of Gardening are: Pleasure, Exercise, Healthy Food, and Relaxation.