Is Gardening bad for your back? These tips will help you!

Is Gardening bad for your back?

Are you the one who loves being around plants or loves taking care of them? But at the time you are worried about the right way to do it so that it doesn’t affect you physically then this article is just for you. Gardening and back pain go hand in hand when not done right. Many people complain about having back pain while working in the garden or after it. Survey reveals that Gardening has been a back problem for many as they have been doing it wrong.

Gardening is simply the process of taking care of the plants and nurturing them so that they grow well. It can be done at your home balcony, backyard, or a complete garden you are taking care of. It is not bad for your back if you maintain the right posture. And the same gardening comes with many benefits like boost positivity, good for mental health, reduces anxiety & stress, and a healthy habit or hobby that will make you considerate and attentive to smaller details. It is the best hobby one can have as the fulfillment of doing what you love comes with health benefits.

In this article, we have listed down several ways in which you can enjoy gardening without complaining about back pain.

  1. Stretch before you start

    Stretch or do a quick warm-up before you start. Gardening can be a great workout as it requires a lot of physical attention and heavy lifts, So it is better to give your muscles a quick warm-up before you start your daily gardening ritual.

  2. Taking a break is a must

    Doing anything for a long time can take a toll on our health. Hence to avoid back pain it is advisable to take breaks between the time you spend while gardening. Taking a break occasionally will help you be fresh and make you less tired. Have a cup of coffee or tea and relax to get the tiredness out.

  3. Choose right tools

    Choosing the right gardening tool will help get things done easily. For example, long-handled tools will require you to bend less and maintain an upright posture. Tools are available easily in online stores, buying a gardening kit can be the best idea. Or you may even opt for buying only the essentials like hand trowel, Spade, Garden fork, loopers, etc.

  4. Lift heavy things with external support

    Whenever lifting heavy pots or tools make sure you carry them with support or take someone’s help while doing it. As lifting heavy stuff will worsen or back pain so it is always better to seek help.

  5. Don’t sit in one position for long

    Never sit in one position for long while working in your garden. Change position, take breaks, stretch while you work.

  6. Maintain right posture, avoid bending

    Maintain a perfect posture while working and avoid bending while working. This may cause serious back pain issues and you may even have to seek medical help.

  7. Grow them at a height if possible

    Grow your plants at a certain height this will help you work better and avoid unnecessary physical problems. Arranging the garden in a way that the pots are kept at a certain height will help you to take care of them and water easily.

  8. Bring grown-up plants

    Yes, rather than growing seeds for grown-up plants this will reduce your work in the garden and cut off a lot of steps that go into taking care of a seedling.

  9. Try out different gardening techniques and methods

Think out of the box and choose a creative way of Gardening. Use different methods, better tools, and various DIY techniques that will help you be better at it. As rightly said the motive is to work smart and not hard.

And with these steps, we assure you that your back pain will not be there. Gardening is a beautiful hobby and your back pain cannot stop you from having that beautiful backyard or your healthy plants. Being around plants can be great for mental health so yes all your hard work will give you the right fulfillment.

We hope you enjoyed the article. Reach out to us in case you have any feedback or suggestions.

Till then, Happy Reading!