[8 Benefits] Is Gardening good for your Immune system?

gardening good for your immune system

There have been a lot of researches going on about if gardens are good for immune systems. The results of these are showing that gardens are good for your immune system.

We have become so technologically obsessed that our obsession with nature is fading away somewhere. I know. This is very hard to digest. But it is the truth. What is the reason behind this? Well, our country is in a national health crisis and it also has a lot of substantial and social implications hanging on its head.

Many countries around the world spend about 90% of their time indoors. This leads to extremely sedentary, unhealthy, disconnected, and unnatural lifestyles for us. Staying indoors so much is also causing a lot of people to become more obese and this is leading to cardiovascular problems. Young children are spending more and more time on their mobile phones, rather than going out to play or for activities. This has become a problem for most parents.

This is the reason why so many people have started gardening and enjoying outdoor activities. Now, what is the benefits gardening has on a person’s immune system.

Reasons Why Gardening is good for the Immune system –

  1. Gardening can reduce the risk of strokes in people.

People who have cardiovascular diseases or are constantly ill can make full use of gardening and save themselves from getting a stroke.

  1. Gardening can burn a lot of calories for you.

Gardening comes under the level of moderate to high-intensity exercises. According to a lot of reposts, one can burn about 350 calories with just one day of yard work or gardening. This is a much higher number than when one lifts weights. Many international health associations recommend doing about 40-50 minutes of gardening about three to five times a week will keep a person healthy. For a person to change their lifestyle, they need to go outdoor more and this where hardening can help you.

  1. Gardening can also reduce the risk of health attacks, and is not only for keeping one’s weight maintained. Gardening can also reduce the chance of any other heart disease. Just 30 minutes of gardening, can help prevent one from increasing their blood pressure levels. Gardening has been recommended by a lot of people as one of the best ways to reduce blood pressure.
  2. One who does gardening every day can reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis. When one sits on the ground and dig up weed, plants, and engage in the same tasks over and over again, their bones develop the habit of a workout. Helping in keeping them stronger.
  3. Gardens can be a great way for you to bust a lot of stress. This is one of the best ways to handle your stress. A lot of the time our work life, personal issues, things that happened in the past and keep on coming back. This is not good for our mental health and it for sure can not be treated by sitting inside four walls. Whenever one goes outside after a stressful even tor memory flashback for gardening, they instantly get into a better mood. The level of stress hormones in that person reduces and lower levels of cortisol are found. There are a lot of compounds that you can plant that will help you stay focused and never stress over things. The cool air and the smell of fresh soil will help you turn things around for the better.
  4. If you do not love flowers, you need to plant them in your garden area. The reason behind this is that flowers can lead to improved numbers of health in a person. There have been a lot of behavior researches conducted by scientists around the world, most of these showed that flowers are one of the best natural and healthful moderators of changing mood swings. These can have an instant impact on one’s health. These effects are not just for some time but are long-term mood effects. These can help build intimate connections between people.
  5. Gardening can also help us make meaning out of our lives. When one goes out in natural light and feeling the connection between land and the opportunity that we get and when we focus on it is true beauty. This feeling can make us feel gratitude, abundance, and a feeling of calmness.
  6. With the help of gardening, one can enter the zone of full altered consciousness. This is just like when someone performs yoga early in the morning or goes out for a jog. The transcendent state that one goes into is the best that one can get from this life. This can become a means of survival for us. To become happy is everyone’s goal and gardening does that. And when we are truly happy, our health gets better.