What are good Ab Workouts for Teenagers? [5 Abs Workouts]

What are good ab workouts for teenagers?

You know the old saying: good ab workouts for teenagers are hard to find. A quick search on Google will show more “best ab workouts” than there are the Instagram models, making the best quality abs workouts for us (ab workouts, not social media influencers, who are all crap) this is to be honest, genuinely difficult to discern. The stakes of picking an ineffective at-home ab workout are far beyond a waste of time for a lot of us. Some exercises can be done improperly, this can trigger a serious back injury or cause serious pain in the core of ones body (and not the good kind). So, if you’re looking for a good and effective ab workout without leaving the house, do not look anywhere else. This no-nonsense series of ab exercises are wide-ranging, effective, and sure you will run out of air and need to gasp for it by the end of this article.

Your lower back muscles play a very important and integral role in defining your core — both aesthetically (they eliminate some of that side-fat overhang situation) and functionally also (a strong lower back helps you rotate your core and stand more erect and will help you with all that toddler-picking-up you probably do). That means that great ab workouts at home aren’t all about crunches or sit-ups, there is a lot more to these. Ab workouts require you to work each and every muscle in your body that is from every muscle in your back and to your front.

This article has workouts listed that will help you hit all of the essential muscles in your core body, making it one of the best ab workouts for people who are at their homes, and these will for sure crush your tummy. These five ab workouts and moves are the best at-home workout session for you. And these will sculpt your midsection into one mean abdominal machine. But, of course, no core workout will ever lead to a flat belly if it’s not accompanied by eating properly and smartly and keeping up the cardio. You will need to eat lower calories but higher protein to achieve the figure that you want and if you’re carrying extra pounds, you’re going to have a gut, no matter how many planks you do.

The 15-Minute Ab Workout for teenagers

Once you can comfortably get through the workouts listed below for you, you can add reps and more exercises to your set or sets to your circuit to keep challenging yourself to do better.

  1. V-Sits

V-Sits exercise

Sit on the floor, and knees bent, feet flat in front of you. Place a medicine ball between your feet. Lean back in a little and lift your feet off the floor entirely, straighten your legs until your weight is completely balanced in a V-shaped position. From here, you can either hold this position for more than 30 seconds, or if you want to try a more advanced challenge, bend over, and straighten your legs entirely while maintaining the V-hold for thirty seconds to one minute. Then relax, then repeat.

  1. Flutter Kick

Flutter kicks

Lie in a straight position on your back, keep your legs extended, heels up in the air at about 6 inches off the ground. Place your hands by the sides of your body then put them under the small section of your back for support. Begin to scissor your legs up and down as if you are doing the backstroke in the pool. Flutter kick for about 30 seconds, then take rest for 10 seconds, then do 30 seconds round one more time.

  1. Plank

Get into a good extended pushup position, then lower yourself to about your elbows level. Keep your entire body in a straight line, hold into this position for 60 seconds. For trying different variations on this theme, try doing a side plank (prop yourself up on one elbow, then raise your hips off the ground to create a straight line from your feet to your shoulders).

  1. Pull-up Knee Raise

A man performing Pull Up Knee Raises

Using an overhand grip, perform a standard pull-up. Once your head clears up the entire bar, hold this contraction while bending your knees to about your chest level. (For a much simpler version of this, hang from the pull-up bar, arms extended. Bend your knees to your chest, then release them.) Do 8-10 reps, 30 seconds rest. 2 sets.

  1. Russian Twist

Russian Twist

Grab an 8-10 pound medicine ball or dumbbell. Sit on the floor, and knees bent, feet flat in front of you. Hold the weight with both hands, arms straight in front of your chest. Lean back so that your body is at 45 degrees (mid-situp position). Twist to the right, letting your arms swing over to your right side. Next, twist back to the left, letting your arms swing to the left side of your body. That’s one rep. Do ten reps, rest 10 seconds. Do three sets.