What is the Difference of Double Eye Lids and Hooded Eyes?

When you finally figure out your eye shape, you can suddenly get the realizations that your eyes have a unique shape and size to them. However, it can be very difficult to understand the difference between double eyelids and hooded eyes. This is why we wil try to help you differentiate between the two. Because when you learn about your true eye shape, you will be able to easily understand how to enhance your looks and skills while working with them. Down below, we have mentioned the difference between double eyelids and hooded eye for you. Hope this article is helpful for your find.

Double eyelids

Double eyelids

  1. What is a Double Eyelid –

    A double eyelid is an eye share that does not have a crease line. These types of eyes are called ar Double eyelids. Double eyelids are mostly found in Asian people. But a lot of other people and races around the world also have double eyelids. A lot of people use cosmetic surgery to help their eyes appear like they have a crease. Most of these surgeries are done in east Asian regions. This type of surgery has become one of the popular ones around the world. We need to realize that your eye does not matter when it comes to your beauty. Beauty can come in different shapes and sizes. And to help embrace your eyelid structure, we will help you understand the true ways to embrace and get the double eyelid structure.<

  2. Genetics can play a big role –

    Double eyelids are most commonly found in East Asian descendent people. However, people from other races who have more horizontal, elongated eyes may also have double eyelids. In addition, sometimes, people who have larger eyelids appear to have double eyelids as well. These are also known as hooded Mono Lid eyes. In this, the skins of the eye fold over the visible crease area. This gives the appearance of a monolid or double-layered structure.

  3. Reasons to admire these eyes –

    Eye cosmetic surgery has become extremely popular is east Asian countries. The main reason behind this is the standard of beauty that we have chosen for people. A lot of young children from schools are also getting eyelid surgeries to look more pleasing. But a recent change is affecting this need. A lot of people have started embracing their double eyelids. This is because a lot of them think that double eyelids are unique in their own terms. Many new makeup hacks are also coming into the market to help people of all genders embrace their double eyelid structures.

Hooded Eyes

  1. Hooded eye structure –

    Hooded eyes are basically when the extra skin from your eyes folds down from your brow bone to the lash line of your eyes. A lot of people have hooded eyes around the world. The cause of hooded eyes can be due to a person’s age or hooded eyes since birth. Many people who wear makeup daily and have hooded eyes know that it is difficult to make your eyes appear like they have makeup on. One minute it can be there, and then the next, it can be gone for good. But there are a lot of tips and tricks to make your eyes appear bigger and much enhanced.

  2. Structure of Hooded eyes –

    Hooded eyes are a common feature among people. This is when a person’s eyes appear to have a small flap of extra skin on their eyes from their browbone. These is also known as hooded eyelids. To understand this easily, you can look at the attached earlobes of a person, or the shape of their eyes is only one big trait from their genetic structure. If you look into the mirror, you can easily tell if you have hooded eyes or not. It is this easy to tell. Slowly open your eyes. The skin on your eyelid is covered with the skin under your brows. Then you have hooded eyes. Hooded eyes can be mostly seen in older people. This is because their skin gets loose and loses its real structure.

  3. These are not droopy looking –

A lot of the time, hooded eyes can be confused with droopy eyes. But of these are a lot different. Droopy eyes are when a person is not able to open their property. While on the other hand, hooded eyes are a normal eye structure. These are hereditary sometimes as well. Droopy is mostly due to a medical condition, but this is not the case with hooded eyes. Some people can have mild-looking droopy eyes, but people who cannot open their eyes even after a lot of work can be suffering from a severe condition of droopy eyes. This is called ptosis. Hooded eyes do not have any effect on personal vision or eye function.