Things to normalize in a Relationship! – Part 1

Things to normalize in a relationship
  • Women earning more than their partner

It is the 21st century and men should understand that everybody needs to evolve. Everybody has goals and aspirations. The societal pressures that men need to earn and run a family are not just restricted to them anymore, even women face the same pressure and expectations. Also, it is good to be ambitious, be proud of your woman if she has that rather than feeling jealous. In a relationship, it is important to let your partner grow as much as they can, financially and personally, or emotionally.

  • Discussing what you like during sex

Sex is an activity done between two individuals to test their intimacy. Sex is about having fun with each other and sharing each other’s bodies for our own Benefits in a beautiful manner. It is important to make sure that both the people are enjoying. For this, you need to discuss what you like or do not like. Communication is a very big part of relationships, be transparent and open. This will ensure a lot of improvement and ultimately more fun. By discussing these things two people will only get closer which is all a relationship is about.

  • Having different interests

We need to normalize the fact that no two individuals are the same. Humans are complex beings with different and various virtues and interests. We often think that compatibility is based on the fact that two individuals need to be completely the same. That is not true, no two individuals need to be the same in order to be compatible, in fact, we should celebrate our individuality. I have always come to the conclusion that couples who are different from each other have more to learn and more to offer in the relationship. Example: somebody who likes going out vs somebody who likes to sit at home will, in turn, give room for more experiences. You will have in-house movie dates as well going out to eat with each other. Hence more variety. Think of this as merit and less as a liability.

  • Accepting each other’s flaws

It is very important that in a relationship a person can truly be how they are. Nobody is perfect and neither are our partners. I know initially in every relationship an individual tries to portray his or her best self and that’s okay. But at the end of the day when you will become closer and closer, you will get to learn a lot about your partner and you will understand their flaws. Flaws are actually what makes us humans. They define our individuality and give us room to improve ourselves. Own them and make sure your partner owns them too. Nobody should be insecure about their flaws.

  • Enjoying alone time

Aaah, this was always a battle in my relationship. My partner used to always assume that the reason I wish to spend more alone time was that I didn’t enjoy his company. However, that’s not true. We need to understand that not all people are born extroverts. We need to normalize solitude and the benefits it.

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