10 Signs you are an Introvert! 8 Things That Make Introvert Happy!

Signs you are an introvert

“Yes, I am an introvert. No, I’m not shy. No, I’m not stuck up. No, I’m not antisocial. I’m just listening. I’m just observing. I can’t stand small talk. But I’ll talk about life for hours. I’d rather be home with a close friend or two than among a crowd of acquaintances. Don’t scold me in public. Don’t embarrass me in public. Respect that I am reserved. And if I open myself up to you, know that means you’re very special to me.”

Signs you are an introvert personality type:

  1. You Prefer to Be Alone

Be Alone IntrovertRather than sharing anyone’s company, you prefer solitude. You like watching movies alone or reading books. Basically spending time with yourself means so much more to you.

  1. You’re Connected to Your Inner Dialogue

You feel true to your divine power and that is you.

  1. You Feel Lonely in a Crowd

You don’t know how to make small talks and that’s okay.

  1. You Hate Networking

You enjoy deep conversations that have some sort of meaning to them. Profound and healthy talks are what you crave for which doesn’t come through large groups of networking.

  1. You Would Rather Write Than Speak

You don’t waste your time speaking, in fact, your journal is your best friend and it helps you express yourself.

  1. The Phone is Not Your Friend

You feel like your phone exhausts you. Social media is all a capitalist construct and doesn’t involve true companionship which is why you stay away from it.

  1. Too Much Socializing Exhausts You

Talking and talking exhausts you. It doesn’t give you the delight you crave for.

  1. When You’re Passionate, Time Flies

You do everything every passionately. As I said, solitude excites you. It makes you happy when you are fully invested in things you like and you don’t need people to share it with.

  1. You Have a Small Inner Circle

You don’t like to invest in many people, in fact for you, it’s quality over quantity. A few good friends who understand your needs and choices are what you crave.

  1. You Need to Have a Plan

You plan everything, it can be your goals or it can be a vacation you like to plan and organize. A clean slate keeps you happy.


  1. The first step to happiness is being at peace with their uniqueness & being unapologetically authentic.
  2. Some peaceful time to rejuvenate as the eventful days can be exhausting for them.
  3. Engaging in profound and intimate conversations that expand their mental horizons.
  4. Friends and family that don’t force them to socialize against their will.
  5. People who are able to enjoy the silence and realize that talking isn’t necessary to have a good time
  6. Understanding people who realize that introverts can’t be expressive about their feelings.
  7. A quiet sanctuary to do things at their own pace
  8. The constant support of loving people they can call their own.