Here are some examples of Jobs:

Computer Networks

The real power lies in its ability to network or “talk” to other computers. After all, the Internet is nothing more than a system of connected computer-related jobs that exist across the globe. On a smaller scale, businesses and other organizations of all kinds need computer networks to connect employees and deliver services.

Computer networking jobs can involve various specialties. Network architects design and test communication systems. Administrators of these systems often install and manage networks on corporate computers. Security specialists make sure your data is protected. There are even more specialties you can pursue that may match your interests.

Computer Technology

Computer scientists are highly skilled professionals who create new technologies. These advances may relate to hardware functionality or other processing improvements. Discoveries are also sought in robotics, virtual reality, and other relatively new technological areas that are only fully explored.

Computer scientists often research computer processes and work to make them more efficient or innovative. These professionals can work with others, including mechanical and electrical engineers, to solve technological dilemmas.

Computer Software Engineering

Having a computer with ultrafast processing capabilities isn’t very good in itself. Proper software is required for computers to function. Engineers and programmers design, write and test this software to meet business, entertainment, and other needs.

Professionals responsible for software development create products ranging from video games to network support products for office environments. These various opportunities allow you to do a job that suits your personality.

Informatic Support

Along with developing any new technology comes the need to ensure that people know how to use it. IT support personnel perform this function. Employed by companies and other organizations of all kinds, these professionals offer the expertise that can help efficiently resolve workflow issues.

Computer assistants can help people with technology problems at a specific site. Others work in locations where they send calls or emails from clients across the country. This role can be beneficial if the idea of ​​working with computers and also helping people appeal to you.

Computer Systems Analysis

Being a systems analyst can be a good way of life if you like working with others to solve technology puzzles. Systems analysts’ job responsibilities are diverse and may cover areas of business, research, innovation, and engineering. For example, an analyst might be asked to configure the company’s computer systems to enter information into a database of customer profiles for the entire organization. At the same time, these professionals must work closely with managers to agree on organizational goals.

Software Developer

Software developers create software programs that allow users to perform specific tasks on various devices, such as computers or mobile devices. They are responsible for the development, testing, and maintenance of the software as a whole.

The software developer must have the technical knowledge required to solve the problem uniquely. They need to be proficient in English, which is used to write programming code.

Communication skills are essential for obtaining the necessary information from the end-user and understanding how the software works.

Database Administrator

The database administrator analyzes and evaluates the needs of users. They developed and improved data tools for storing and retrieving important information.

They need computer problem-solving experience to fix network errors and modify the system according to user needs.

According to BLS data, the average income of database administrators in May 2019 was US$93,750, and it is expected that the number of jobs from 2019 to 2029 will increase by 10%, which is faster than the average.

Computer Software Engineer

Computer hardware engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and testing computer components such as circuit boards, routers, and storage devices.

Software engineers need a combination of creativity and scientific experience. They must be enthusiastic students who live under the spotlight on-site to create tools that can adapt to the latest procedures and processes.

Computer software engineers must patiently conduct thorough performance tests regularly to ensure that the equipment is working correctly.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer engineers’ average income in May 2019 was $117,220. It is expected that the workload from 2019 to 2029 will increase by 2%-slowly above the average.