Things to normalize in a Relationship – Part 2

  • Adjusting or adding boundaries

People often think that boundaries are a bad part of a relationship. As if boundaries keep you more apart. However, that is not true. Boundaries are actually very healthy in a relationship. A relationship is formed with mutual respect for each other and boundaries are a true test for that. It will happen in the relationship that you will have to adjust your boundaries or add boundaries for yourself. This does not mean that the other person doesn’t like you but it’s just that they respect their values more. For example, a boundary can be in a way that a person doesn’t like to talk about something. In such a situation their partner needs to respect their opinion and let it go.

  • Making mistakes and holding each other accountable

Like it is said that no two individuals are perfect and at the end of the day your partner will make mistakes that are guaranteed. This will result in some arguments and fights. People think that fights are a bad part of a relationship. But that’s not true,  fights become bad when they are not resolved properly. We should normalize making mistakes and holding the other person accountable for it. At the end of the day, relationships are about improvement and growth. Acceptance will only lead to more improvement and closeness with your partner. Enjoy companionship but healthy companionship.

  • Experiencing doubts

Experiencing doubts

Obviously, a relationship cannot go perfect 24/7 and you will have some sort of doubts about the other person. This doesn’t mean that you don’t trust them, it just means that you love yourself more and want to stay logical. Blind trust is very unhealthy and it can lead to false expectations. A few times you can have doubts about your partners when you don’t like something about them or don’t feel like they are the correct match for you. In such situations, make sure you communicate. Tell them some things which are not acceptable to you and ask them to change or do something about it. This will ensure transparency.

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  • Having different sex drives

Sex is an activity in which two individuals come together to share intimacy and closeness with each other. However, it may happen that the other person just doesn’t like sex as much as you do. That’s not a bad thing, we all have different viewpoints and beliefs when it comes to sex and that’s okay. Some people may like foreplay more, some people may not like anything or some people just don’t appreciate sexual activities. They may like more intimate things. In such a case, discuss with your partners and come to a common ground where you both can enjoy each other.

  • Living together without being married

Aah, this is a tough one. A lot of societal pressures come and force couples to get married. However, marriage is a huge thing. Marriage involves a lot other than just living together. It’s about being okay with the other person’s company 24/7. It is different when you meet for 2-3 hours on a date versus staying with them the whole day. Understand that you need to gain a lot of acceptance.