Is Gardening bad for the Environment? – Know Good and Bad!

Is Gardening bad for the environment?

Our actions can affect the earth and the environment around us. Hence it is very important to take calculative steps while working for nature. Gardening is the process of taking care of your plants. It helps with many health benefits like boosting mental health, reducing anxiety and stress, and also gives a great look to your backyard or balcony. Gardening is good for the environment too when done right. It helps and affects us with many things from the fresh air we breathe to reducing carbon footprints. Before going to the bad steps let’s first see what gardening brings in store for the environment when executed in the right manner.

It comes with the below benefits

Reduces soil erosion, plants help clean the air, support the life of birds and insects, reduces carbon footprints, and keeps the house cool naturally.

Making the right choice to avoid harmful gardening practices in your backyard or balcony might feel difficult for beginners, but you can have a breathtaking garden that benefits the environment. Avoiding these eight wrongly done steps and adopting organic methods for your garden will help the plants flourish without harming the environment.

Using harsh Chemicals

Gardening can take a toll on the environment when accompanied by harsh chemicals. Hence it is advisable to avoid harsh chemicals that will deteriorate the quality of your soil and may even cause ground pollution. Use natural alternatives instead of chemical options. You can build your little compost in the garden which will nourish the plants and help them grow well.



This is a mistake made by many, overwatering not only is bad for the plants but also affects the environment and causes wastage of water. Make a properly planned schedule for the time of watering your plants. Use a sprinkler or garden hose rather than watering them with water that comes with force from the pipe.

Not using your kitchen waste

Kitchen waste can be a great treat for your garden. It will serve as the natural fertilizers and even reduce the cost of buying fertilizers from the market. Make compost and dump all your kitchen and gardening waste in it. This habit will help you to get fertile soil and will add all the extra nutrients required by the plants.

Getting rid of Pollinators

Yes, this can be a bad habit too while Gardening. People often get scared when they see bugs or caterpillars in their gardens. Having a moderate amount of insects in your garden is great, regular monitoring is required as any unnecessary amount of insects may give bad results. Create a happy space for birds, bugs, and butterflies. This will help in natural pollination and you will see your plants growing happily.

Wasting Soil

This mistake is also the most common one when we talk about gardening. People generally tend to waste a lot of soil by working in the garden and washing it all away in the drain. Whenever planting or replanting make sure that you don’t loosen the soil as they may wash away the required nutrients while watering them. Get a soil test done for your Garden and follow the tips that you receive in the results.

Including the same type of plants

This would sound unnecessary but yes including various types of plants is a good practice that one should follow. The same type may make your soil go infertile. Hence it is recommended to include different types of plants from creepers to shrubs and herbs. Have diversity in your garden.

Gardening comes with great benefits and pays off for all your efforts. If all steps are taken care of, it will solve both your personal and environmental concerns. The Greenery in your backyard or balcony is going to give you a positive impact and help your environmental surroundings too.

We hope you are benefited from the article and now understand the importance of using the correct practices while gardening. The most important step of all the above is to enjoy what you do and at the same time be conscious of your step and the repercussions it may cause.

Moreover, Gardening is great for your body and soul. We would wait to see beautiful pictures and stories of how you got benefited after reading this article.

Signing off, see you soon!