Is Gardening Aerobic or Anaerobic? – Detailed Guide!

Aerobic Gardening

Both of these methods are used for composting. And yes, gardening can be both aerobic and anaerobic.

First, let us understand the difference between aerobic and anaerobic gardening. Because this is the base of the entire question. Aerobic and anaerobic are two main categories of organic decompose and microorganism consumable matter. Aerobic is basically for those microorganisms that require air and anaerobic is for those who do not require air. Most of the people who rely on aerobic compost are above the decomposition level. This is one of the best methods to start your project with because all that is required in this is a pile of organic matter.

First, let us talk about Aerobic gardening composting.

Aerobic composting for gardening –

Aerobic composting for gardening

Aerobic is the method of working above the ground for finding composting environments. Because air circulation is required in this, this process can take place in any freestanding pile or even in a container that has little air circulation available. All this bin needs to have is open sides and or a tumbler of holes, so that air can pass.

Air is the main component for aerobic garden composting. And as long as a lot of air is available the aerobic decomposers can work faster. This helps you get compost in a small period. But if any organism does not get the right amount of oxygen in the place that they are in, then it will not be able to decompose faster and the entire process will go in vain.

To keep your decomposers at the maximum speed of decomposing, you will have to give in some aeration aid to help them breathe and work easily. One of the best ways to do this is by piling up all of the organic materials that you have in a recycled shipping box. This will help the box sit on the surface of the ground and easily work its way to allow air beneath it.

If you ever feel like that the compost is shrinking, you will have to reenergize the aerobic sizes. This will help give it a fresh fusion of oxygen in a lot of different ways: First is, you can turn the pile in completely. You will have to free stand a fork into the heap at an adjacent spot, and then turn the contents of the first bin

to the second bin. You can also use a tumbler, but for that, you need to give it a spin. Second is, you can use a tool or pitchfork for airing things up for the compost.

If your compost has a bad odor, then it has become wet. Meaning it was not mixed properly. A good compost pile will never smell bad. A good compost pile should have a fresh aroma to it and it should make you feel like kicking off the leaves when you walk across the woods.

Aerobic decomposing material can easily stand much higher temperatures than anaerobic composting materials can. Aerobic compose can generate heat for the byproduct activity. Many times, aerobic compost is also able to kill off the weeds seeds, and pathogens from the soil by itself.

Anaerobic decomposition for gardening –

Anaerobic organisms can work without any oxygen, this is why it is easy for anaerobic to take place underground as well. This decomposition of material can be done in any pit of the trench. What you have to do is you need to dig up a hole, fill that hole up with organic material and then seal it off with a layer of soil. Just this. It does not require air for decomposition which in the case of aerobic gardening was necessary. Anaerobic decomposers work just fine under the soil.

Anaerobic decomposers are a little slower than aerobic ones, and they are also impossible to monitor because they are sealed under a layer of soil. If you want to look at the condition of the decompose, you will need to pit out small holes in the land and find out what is happening.

Anaerobic also sends out smelly gasses, this is important for the exertion of their byproducts. Also, anaerobic is not able to kill the pathogens of weed seeds in it because of the cold weather it stays in.

Even though this has a lot of disadvantages, there are a lot of things why this decomposition method is much loved by a lot of people.

If you want to dispose of only a one-time load of decomposing, it can be very smelly and have a lot of pests attracting the waste, it can also feel like expired can vegetables or freshly caught fish.

But when you open up that hole, you will find a pile of organic matter that you can easily manage in any weather now that it is decomposed.