5 Reasons Why Law is a good career for Woman

Is law a good career for a woman?

Oh, do you aspire to become a lawyer? Great! But are you confused, if you can succeed as a woman in the law field? Is law a good career for a woman? Well, the law is an interesting as well as a rewarding career for anyone-irrespective of your gender.

The Law profession is mixed with various myths regarding women. Some orthodox views still suggest that the legal profession is not for women. And they should stay away from it. Of course, this isn’t true, these all are based on bias views and set-gender rules.

Myths about a Woman in a Law Career

All of the staunch opinions regarding women in law career is based on these ideas:

– Firstly, a woman should be calm, composed, and less spoken, and that is an important aspect of a lawyer.

– Secondly, if a girl would be taught law she will try to break the unethical bondage of society.

– Thirdly, the Law profession is considered unsafe for women.

– Fourth, a law career is filled with lots of research, making a contract, which will keep her busy.

They all are pointless opinions.

First of all, one person differs from another, there is no universal law that states that women are quiet, calm, and composed. Some can be outspoken, others may be bold, another courageous.

Secondly, this point is mainly given by those orthodox and toxic sections of society who still consider women as an inferior part of society. They fear educated women, as they wouldn’t be able to rule over them. And especially if she is educated with law, she won’t bear any injustices on her.

Third, a lawyer’s life is filled with lots of risks, especially the life of criminal lawyers. And therefore it is an unsafe option for a female.

Fourth, this point is based on set gender roles, men as breadwinner and women as a homemaker. But this is wrong if a woman wants to do something no one not even her family should bound her. She isn’t born to do household works only. Whatever she wants it should be her choice.

Moreover, a family is the responsibility of both husband and wife, therefore why should a wife sacrifice herself?

Is Law a good career for a Woman?

Woman in a law career

Law as a career is a lucrative and exciting career option for both men and women. It is equally rewarding for both. Here are some top reasons why a law is a good career:

  • Diverse career options: You will have multiple choices to choose from. If you study law, you can choose to become, a lawyer, legal practitioner, judge, mediator, secretaries, consultant, or even a law professor.
  • Opportunities: Legal profession is growing and with it, opportunities are increasing. Moreover, there is a continuous rise in the wages of lawyers.
  • Rewards: Lawyer as a profession is rewarding. Salaries of lawyers are pretty decent and increase with the increase in experience or number of won cases.
  • Self-employed: You can either choose to work for a law firm or practice law individually. Both have their pros and cons. While working as a law firm lawyer you will get a higher salary in comparison to individual lawyers, but you will have to deal with lots of workloads.
  • Help other women: As a woman, you can understand various difficulties and prejudices a woman faces in society. As a lawyer, you can help them and fight for their rights and against injustices hurled upon them.

Best types of Law Career for a Woman

If you want some law career options to work as a lawyer, who will be perfect, here is a list of types of lawyers for you:

  1. Civil litigation:

    Civil litigation is a safer option for those who want to be out of unnecessary threats and chaos. You have to deal with civil lawsuits and represent your clients in court.

  2. Corporate Lawyer:

    A corporate lawyer works for a corporate, or individually. Your main task will be to give advice and assist the top-level executive in all kinds of transactions and interpreting job roles for them.

  3. Law Professor:

    A law professor is a perfect choice for those who want to study law but not practice it. You can teach others in a law school.

  4. Judiciary:

    You can also try your hand in the judiciary. To improve the quality of justice and to protect a woman from injustice, why don’t you become a judge.

  5. Law firms:

    A law firm will offer you a handsome amount of salary and offers you a perfect stage to highlight your career profile and practice law.

A career is never fixed for a particular gender; anyone can pursue any career if he/she is passionate about it. Law can be an interesting career therefore if you are interested in it then stop listening to what other say. Just go for it.