[4 Ways] How to Solve [pii_email_2031b8aa05a3e0b21ffd] Error

How to Solve [pii_email_2031b8aa05a3e0b21ffd] Error

If you work for a company, then surely you must be familiar with Microsoft Outlook. It is one of the best tools for sending and receiving emails. Most time working with Outlook is fairly easy. However, there are times when things get a bit tough. This particularly happens when we get PII errors on MS Outlook. Besides, Outlook has other errors as well, and we often try to fix these errors all by ourselves. Among all the PII errors, [pii_email_2031b8aa05a3e0b21ffd] is the common one, and therefore, we must know how to solve it. Appearance of [pii_email_2031b8aa05a3e0b21ffd] indicates improper functioning of MS Outlook. So how can we ensure that Outlook works perfectly? Follow the simple steps given below, and you will know the answer. 

Methods to Solve [pii_email_2031b8aa05a3e0b21ffd] Error

There are 4 main ways to solve the [pii_email_2031b8aa05a3e0b21ffd] error. The steps involved are not that hard to follow and can be performed by anyone who has a basic knowledge about how a computer and software works. 

First Method: Clearing the Cache and Cookies

Clearing all the outdated caches and cookies is a must for Outlook users. It is one of the reasons why people encounter [pii_email_2031b8aa05a3e0b21ffd] error. To clear the cache and cookies, follow the steps given below. 

  • Explore the File menu and clear out the cookies and cache for Outlook.
  • Once caches and cookies are cleared, you need to sign out of the Microsoft Outlook account. In case you are signed in on multiple charges, sign out from all of them.
  • The next step is to reboot your laptop or pc. When you open the Microsoft account and sign in to it, the error should no longer exist. 
  • If the error still appears, try the second method given below. 

Second Method: Updating Microsoft Outlook

Many times, people overlook the need to update Microsoft Outlook as they are unsure of the changes it may cause to their accounts. But updating to the latest version is a must, and it may be the reason why the [pii_email_2031b8aa05a3e0b21ffd] error pops up. 

  • You must see to it that your laptop or pc can support the latest version of MS Outlook. If it helps, do not waste time anymore and update the Outlook software to the newest version. 
  • When you upgrade to the latest version, there will be no loss of files. They will be there in the newest version if you have backed them up.
  • When a new version of Microsoft Office has been installed, you may have to back up important files. 
  • Choose a simple method to transfer the files. If you get an error even after doing this in Outlook, contact customer service. 

Third Method: Opting for an Auto-Repair Tool

An auto-repair tool is the one that automatically detects the error and fixes it. Follow the steps given below to use it. 

  • The first step is to check the details of MS Outlook by opening its control panel and function settings. 
  • Then, open the Office 365 application and choose Microsoft application to fix the error. 
  • You must change the button when the application starts and select the type of fix you need. 
  • Next, you need to choose a solution and click on it. Follow the simple steps on the screen being displayed and search for the web version of the repair tool. 
  • After this, restart the Microsoft Outlook application. Now the error should disappear; if it doesn’t, try contacting the technicians. 

Fourth Method: Deleting the Third-Party Email Application

If you are using more than one application for sending and receiving emails simultaneously, [pii_email_2031b8aa05a3e0b21ffd] error may pop up. In such cases, you need to delete the third-party email application. 

  • When you use two email applications, such as MS Outlook and a third-party email application, a conflict arises. 
  • The solution is deleting the untrusted email app that may be causing the error. Once you do this, Outlook will be free from the error. 
  • Restart Outlook, and you will notice the error has vanished.

Most Microsoft Outlook errors like [pii_email_2031b8aa05a3e0b21ffd] happen on account of issues and errors in the installation cycle. First, you need to discover conceivable and clear approaches to take care of issues that an individual can address. Moreover, more clear steps are required and can perform by anybody. Suppose the issue endures and can’t be resolved. In such cases, it is ideal to contact the Microsoft Contact Support Team or call a technician. Moreover, help look at, distinguish, and moderate the issue and keep the software running easily.