Is Machine Learning harder than Web Development?

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Are you confused between these two: Machine learning and web development? They both are very important and inspire a person to build something. But Is Web development a good career? Or Is Machine learning a good career?

If you are confused between these two keep reading this article and we will answer your all questions.

First of all, let us understand briefly what is machine learning and web development?

What is Machine learning?

Machine learning is a method through which an AI system learns from data, patterns and makes decisions with minimum human intervention.

What is meant by web development?

Web development is the building and maintenance of websites. It is the work behind a website that makes them look great, work fast and display well with a perfect user experience.

Is machine learning harder than web development?

To be clear, Machine learning is hard than web development. It requires a foundational understanding of linear algebra, probability, statistics, calculus. On top of this learning machine learning is harder. One should even know how to do programming, familiar with the basics of hardware. Moreover, machine learning has a large set of data and requires intense computations.

On the other hand, Web development is relatively easier. It has a lower entry barrier; doesn’t require any mathematical abstractions and easy to see results while writing code. Unlike machine learning, a web developer can instantly know if he is writing the wrong code or not.

Is machine learning really difficult?

machine learning or web development

Machine learning is surely a hard nut to crack. It is difficult isn’t because of mathematical problems or a lengthy syllabus. What makes it more difficult is that it involves implementing existing algorithms and model in your application and to build it solely on intuitions.

An Engineer must be aware of available algorithms and models and even the constraints of each. To achieve expertise in this one has to be exposed to existing models and then attempt to implement and test these models themselves.

The major difficulty of machine learning is the hard debugging problem.

During Debugging for machine learning two things can happen:

– Either your algorithm doesn’t work

– Or it doesn’t work well enough.

Moreover, it super hard to figure out what is wrong and how to solve it? And after this one can see the result. But this period usually is a lengthy procedure and takes a lot of time. And then It is very rare for an algorithm to work the first time.

Why Web Development is a better Career than Machine learning?

Well, to say which is better among these is difficult. But to answer which is a better career option for you, then we will suggest a Web development career as the better one. Why?

The reason why Web Development is a better Career than Machine learning?

  1. Better job opportunities: Everyone needs a website and the demand for a web developer is hue. On the other hand, Machine learning requires a lot of skills and competition is among the best.
  2. Simple and better salary: If you are well informed and knowledgeable about your work (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and any of popular JS library, PHP/python, database MySQL, MongoDB) then you are all set. Moreover, it is relatively easier than machine learning. Salary is also decent.
  3. Easier: Web development is a lot more easily than machine learning. As a web developer, you won’t have to learn algebra, statistics, optimization, debugging, etc.
  4. Creative freedom: As a web developer you are free to use your creativeness freely and create a beautiful, user-friendly website that gets hit and you now are rich
  5. Everything is known: When you start coding you probably know how it will end. Moreover, you can easily see the result while coding and correct it if something seems off, but in machine learning, you can even figure out what is wrong in your code forget about correcting it.

To conclude, Comparison between them is baseless if you want to learn any of them if you are passionate enough about any of these you should probably o for it. Moreover, they both are complementary to each other and even they go hand in hand. If you want you can learn machine learning web development together.