4 Reasons why AI is a Threat to Human Existence

Artificial intelligence

AI or Artificial intelligence is the product of human intelligence and thought to create something which can work according to a preset pattern and make humans life easier. Well, this is true with the Advent of AI our life has become much easier.

Moreover, they have occupied an important role in our lives from smartphones to chatbots wherever we will see we will find AIs doing their jobs. But can this super-intelligent artificial intelligence threaten human existence?

If Artificial Intelligence exceeds human intelligence then it can become difficult to handle and could pose a serious threat to human existence.

What is AI?

AI is a technology that contains diverse data or information and is programmed to act in a set pattern to achieve a specific goal.

Who invented AI?

The first AI program was developed by Herbert Simon and Allen Newell in December 1955 to prove 38 theorems of Whitehead and Russell’s Principia Mathematical true.

How Artificial Intelligence is dangerous?

AI can’t feel emotions as we humans do, therefore we can’t expect a Robot or AI to love or hate a human, and therefore an AI can only become dangerous for humans in these two conditions:

– If they are programmed to do something evil or threatening to human life. Automatic Weapons can be programmed to harm humans and can easily kill masses.

– An AI is developed to achieve a goal but meanwhile, it can harm humans in the way. It means that it can indirectly harm a human.

Why Artificial Intelligence is a threat?

The increasing dependency of humans on AI can pose several harms to humans.

  1. Job Automation: 

    Jo Automation is seen as a major problem of AI, people are scared that AI will soon replace human jobs. For instance, in a biscuit factory if for packing a box 20 workers are required, whereas a Machine can do the same job in few minutes. Therefore those 19 workers will lose their jobs only one will be left who will supervise it.

  2. No emotions, a big problem: 

An emotionless robot won’t be able to understand a problem if it is emotionally related. Therefore if a customer’s issue is based on his emotions then the robot would simply take it as an error and move over.

  1. Hacked! :

One of the most important threats of using AI is being hacked. AI can be easily hacked and then guess what danger it can bring to a human or your data. Anyone can misuse your data or use an automated weapon are destroy a whole region with a simple click.

  1. Human risks:

AI applications or machines can harm humans physically or mentally if properly designed, misused, or hacked anyhow.

  1. Privacy issue:

Anyone can understand you and your thinking just by going through your recent searches, likes, shares on Social media, and also your browser history. Bi companies and political parties can use these data and can convince you psychologically for their use.

How can AI improve our lives? 

AI has become an important part of human’s day-to-day life from Smartphone to Self driving Cars, the power of AI is been used for several benefits for people. They can be used for improved and affordable health care, safe cars, and facilitate a person’s reach to educations, information, etc.

Let us see some important benefits of Artificial Intelligence that are helping humans to change and improve their lives:

  1. Zero Error:

    Well, humans can make mistakes or cannot notice every single error, but an AI can easily spot an error and nullify it completely and give you reliable and accurate results.

  2. Assigning them dangerous work:

    AI can be Assigned a job that is dangerous for humans. For example, dealing with natural calamities such as Earthquakes, Volcano eruptions, or working in mines, etc.

  3. Automation:

    AI can be assigned to perform a similar task and can free resources to do other important things and therefore can improve production, and optimize the use of resources.

  4. Better Customer Experience:

    AI-powered solutions such as Chatbots are helping online businesses to provide their customers 24-hours assistance to solve their queries.

  5. Healthcare:

    Nowadays, AI can diagnose a person online. It is beneficial to provide people help anywhere and anytime.

  6. Decision Making:

    AI can be used by businesses to make decisions based on data analysis, trends, consistency, forecasts, etc. They can give a better decision as they will take unbiased decisions based on rational logic.

  7. Solving Problems:

    AI technologies with the help of Deep learning can easily detect fraud, personalize customer interactions, forecasting weather, and diagnosing diseases.

There are more Benefits of AI than risks associated with it, AI has facilitated advanced systems whatever you can think. The potential of AI is still unreached and therefore even thinking of the possibility of what AI will do if developed to its full potential leaves any Scientist in awe.

Can artificial intelligence replace human jobs?

Well, it is a controversial issue. Experts are confident that AI instead of replacing humans, AI will work with a human in the workplace.