How to overcome self doubt

“The universe always wants to test your truths. You will encounter situations that make you second guess everything. These are lessons. You know in your heart what’s true. Stay in your intuition. Connect with your soul for guidance”

  • Plan for the worst-case scenario:

It is said that when you think of 10 worst-case scenarios hardly 1 comes true and that is extremely accurate and an effective way to overcome crippling self-doubt. For example: while you are going to give an exam, think of 10 ways how that exam could go wrong. When you set your mind with the worst-case scenarios, it prepares you and helps you function through them

  • Keep a diary:

Keep a diary

A journal is always a good way to process things. Keeping a diary will help you to keep a daily check of all the things that go inside your head. It will help you to know things that you are afraid of and what triggers your self-doubt. This way you can help yourself. You can mend the things that trigger you and move on ahead with your life. Remember that growth is not a one-step process, it requires a considerate amount of effort.

  • Follow your gut:

Aah, whenever you have any self-doubt or you think that you can’t do something, just follow your gut. Whenever you are facing some sort of insecurities while solving a problem or a situation just trust your gut. Remember that at the end of the day you know what’s best for you, nobody else.

  • Always focus on the present, what comes now:

Remember that whatever you are thinking or wherever you are, all the insecurities you are facing, despite them just focus on the present. Go on with your life and deal with it every second rather than thinking about the future constantly. That will only increase your worries even more and not help you to enjoy and live the moment.

  • Be self-aware:

Rather than asking others for validation and throwing your insecurities on them, do it yourself. Focus on yourself and your beliefs. Be self-aware. Process every detail yourself and judge it on your own. Believe me, seeking advice from other people will only give you more amount of confusion and despair, we don’t want that. Do we?

  • Consult a therapist:

At last, some things are just not in our hands. If you feel like you are struggling to put into practice all the above points then just seek help. A therapist is a professional person who will be able to give you proper guidance. They are there to listen to you and find solutions to your problems. It is always okay to ask for help and there’s nobody better than a proper consultant.

I know self-doubt is a part of the human brain and it will come again and again. But at the end of the day, we need to trust ourselves and our ability to judge. As I said, you know what’s best for you. All the best!