Buying an Electronic Cigar: What to Consider

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There are plenty of smokeless tobacco options on the market. Smoking cigarettes has its fair share of disadvantages. Other than negatively affecting your health, you also struggle with nasty tobacco smells in your car and house.

Studies show that vaping or using electronic cigarettes is a safer option. Rechargeable refillable e-cigars can help you quit smoking for good. A good e-cigar will help you learn how to vape well without too much hassle on maintenance.

Below are tips to consider when buying a cigar vape pen.

Disposables vs. Refillable

Vape kits are split into two major categories; refillable and disposable. Under both refillable and disposable vape devices, you will also find starter kits. Starter kits are designed for newbies who want to get into vaping.

Most starter kits are simple to maintain. In addition, they don’t have too many complex features such as a power control button. We recommend going for starter kits if you are still new to vaping. You will enjoy a wholesome vaping experience without worrying about maintenance.

Refillable e-cigars have tanks, where the e-juice is stored. Once the e-juice is finished, you can remove it, clean it, and refill it with fresh vaping juice before putting it back.

Disposables are designed for single use only. Once the vaping liquid is depleted, you dispose of the pen and buy a new one. They are cheaper than refillable kits but are more expensive in the long run because you have to buy a new one after a few weeks or months.

Your Budget

You need to plan and do your research before heading out to buy an ePuffer electronic cigar. Prices of e-cigars vary deepening on various factors. Features such as design, battery power, and extra mods will determine the price.

Starter kits are cheaper than mod boxes or vaping pipes. For your first kit, go for a simplistic design that is easy to clean and maintain. However, don’t compromise on battery power or capacity if you are buying a rechargeable refillable e-cigar.

Sample the Vaping Liquids

The good thing about replaceable or disposable electronic cigars is that you get a chance to sample different vaping liquids. Most vaping liquids contain a mix of vegetable glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavors.

Some of the most common flavors are strawberry, lime, peppermint, and mixed fruits. The amount of nicotine in the vaping liquid may vary. In most cases, the nicotine content can be anywhere between 0-24mg/ml.

Sampling different flavors will help you discover which one works best for you. You can also find vaping liquids that contain THC or CBD instead of nicotine.

Read Reviews

Too many brands on the market can be confusing, and it is impossible to try out all electronic cigar brands to find which one is the best. Read reviews from past buyers to discover which brand is the best.

Focus more on the build and design, battery power, and maintenance. You will also find more information on vaping forums.

Wrapping Up

The tips shared in this guide will help you make the best choice when shopping for any type of cigar vape pen. Remember, an expensive vape kit doesn’t guarantee quality.