5 Signs You Need Plumbing Repair ASAP

Pluming Repair

It’s easy to ignore your home’s plumbing as long as everything works just fine. Plumbing issues are some of the most inconvenient and unpleasant problems in a household.

While some plumbing issues are just annoyingly inconvenient, some, especially hidden problems, can cause severe damage to your home if not resolved immediately. If you want to save cost on water damage repair, you must know the different signs that indicate you to call an expert with a strong reputation to inspect and repair your plumbing system.

Here are some of the common signs to call a plumbing repair service ASAP!

  1. Lack Of Water

When you turn your faucet on, you should get water on demand. If not, there may be issues with your local water provider or plumbing system. Go outside and ask your neighbor if they’re experiencing the same problem. In this case, you can contact your local municipality for updates.

However, if there’s no water in your home, assess your plumbing system. The lack of water indicates major issues with your plumbing system–from significant leaks and main water issues to frozen pipes preventing water from flowing into your home’s fixture.

It’s essential to call a reputable plumber immediately to help you find the cause of the issue and resolve it before it creates more hidden damage.

  1. Rusty Water

Rusty water indicates the presence of iron in the water. Although it’s safe for bathing or irrigation, it’s unsuitable for consumption or drinking.

If you turn on your faucet and get murky, orange-tint water, it’s a sign that your plumbing pipes may need to be repaired or replaced. This may be caused by a corrosive or damaged pipe that allows debris and dirt to enter your water lines.

Rusty water may also indicate that you need to replace your water heater. To pinpoint the cause, it’s essential to consult a plumber.

  1. Odd Smell In Your Home


If you suddenly notice an odd smell in your home, your plumbing system may be the culprit and you should call the professionals immediately.

A sewage-ice stench generally indicates that your sewer line may have leaked or burst. Although you can’t see the mess, sewage backup and leaks can’t hide the strong odor. If this occurs, it may lead to sewage backing up into your bathroom drains, creating an unsightly smell.

In addition to the sewage smell, you should also be cautious of a rotten egg odor. This odd smell is a common sign of gas leaks within your pipes, which can be dangerous and even fatal if inhaled in large amounts. If you notice this odor, leave your home and call a plumber to fix your gas line.

Lastly, a musty odor may not be as dangerous as the other types of odors, but it may indicate serious plumbing issues. A stale, musty smell occurs due to significant mold growth, which thrives in humid and dark environments and is often caused by hidden leaks in your pipes. This can result in a musty odor that can cause serious health complications and structural damage to your home.

  1. Stubborn Clogs

Clogging is a common plumbing problem that can usually be resolved using a plunger or the right drain cleaners.

However, if you consistently experience clogging, especially in multiple drainage fixtures, you should immediately call plumbing repair services. Experts have the right tools to deal with stubborn drain clogs, assess your plumbing system, check for more serious issues which may be causing chronic clogging, and resolve them immediately.

  1. Higher Water Bills

Typically, you should have an idea of your regular water bill. So, if you notice a sudden spike in your monthly bill without any significant changes to your water usage, you should ask your provider if they increased their service cost. Otherwise, it may be a sign that you have a plumbing problem.

A higher water bill can mean that water is leaking somewhere it shouldn’t be. Even a tiny leak that drips just once per second can waste up to 320 gallons a month and cause extensive damage to your home’s structure. Hiring an expert can help you find and resolve the problematic pipe and help save you money on your water bills and damage repairs.


Most of your plumbing system may be out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of your mind. Leaving a plumbing issue unattended can severely damage your home and inconvenience you and your family. Therefore, if you notice any of the above signs, it’s crucial to call an expert plumbing service to handle the problem immediately.