5 Tips to Maintain Your Firearm – Detailed Guide!


If you own a firearm, maintaining it is an essential part of gun ownership. If you are looking forward to hunting season to enjoy the outdoors, make sure the gun is in the best condition. However, if you think cleaning your firearm is the only thing you need to do, you are mistaken. The truth is cleaning is only part of firearm maintenance. Here are five tips you can use to maintain your firearm.

Read the Manual

Many people never look at the user manual they get with their firearm. Some find it boring, while some feel it is unnecessary. Experts mention not reading the manual can mean the difference between life and death. The manual has clear instructions on how to arm or disarm the firearm and precautions you need to take.

The manual also contains important information about what you need to do to keep it in perfect working order. Not all firearms are disassembled the same way, so read the manual to understand the maintenance procedure.

Unload the Gun

It is always advised to unload the firearm if you do not plan to use it for a long time. In addition, you should fire the gun at a target every few weeks to ensure it works properly.

Use Right Cleaning Solutions and Stuff

Cleaning your gun can be a tiring task. Also, you need specialized tools to scrub the equipment and free it from debris. For example, you need some unique tool to clean the bore, which has a greater length than most home tools. In addition, a brush and soft cloth can be used to clean the exterior, and for interior parts, buy recommended cleaning tools.

Also, don’t use DIY cleaning solutions to clean your firearm. You get unique cleaning solutions to clean firearms, and the manual might recommend some cleaning solutions for the purpose. However, products designed specifically for your firearm are the safest option for cleaning your firearm.

A firearm is required to stand up to the high-speed movement of extreme heat, so fluids and oils are used for easy movement of the parts. You need unique cleaning formulations to remove the oil and fluids filled with debris.

Add Light Grease

Using grease on the mechanical parts of the firearms is a point of contention. Many people think it can affect the mechanics of firearms and affect its firepower. However, experts state that such things do not have a scientific reason or experiments to back up these claims.

You can apply a small amount of anti-corrosion grease/oil on sliding parts of your firearm. The grease will keep your firearm in working order and reduce friction between parts, leading to various problems as your firearm becomes old. The name of the suitable grease can be found in your firearm manual.

Wipe It Down

After you have cleaned and greased internal parts of the firearm, you can move to exterior cleaning. If you see any rust or external wear signs, use an oil rag to wipe the gun. You can use gun oil for the purpose and wipe your firearm periodically to restore its shine and keep it looking new.

Following these tips is essential to maintain your firearm in working order. Ignoring maintenance means having a gun that will not work as intended when you need it or spending vast amounts on repairs to bring it back in working condition.