What does a Modern Jail Cell Look Like? [10 Best and Worst]

Jail! I know most of you (Include me too) are scared even by hearing this word. And our wild imagination and movies add extra spice to this fear.

Often Jail is portrayed as a small room where criminals are kept. It has one small window opening, a small container and that’s it. In this small room, more than 5-6 criminals are kept and tortured now and then.

As an Indian, I would like to give you a small example of how we perceive how a jail or prisoner cell looks: A criminal is imprisoned in a small and darkroom. He has to wear a white uniform with black stripes. He has to do hard toils like breaking rock or grinding wheat/pulses/spices from grinding stone.

Yes, here is a famous Bollywood dialogue “When I dead, police coming … police coming, budhiya going jail … in jail budhiya chakki peesing, and peesing, and peesing, and peesing, and peesing”- Shoolay.

Prison Cell

A prison cell or jail is a small room in a prison or a police station where criminals are captivated. Facilities and conditions vary from one country to another.

According to the International Committee, a cell size should be 5.4m2 for single-cell accommodation. And a shared or dormitory accommodation at least 3.4m2 per person.

What does a modern jail cell look like?

Jail cells differ from one country to another. Some jail cells provide better facilities to their prisoners like rit-sized cell space, basic amenities, humane treatment, etc.

A modern cell is about 6-8 feet with a metal bed, sink and toilet. There can be a window. Each cell has two people on average.  But this can vary according to the country and overcrowded jails.

Jail Structure

Jails cells have a typical concrete floor, cinder-block walls, a toilet, steel bedplate, small window, doors with a food slot, and light bulb.

Some jails even offer study tables, chairs, etc.

Life in a Jail Cell

The life of prisoners is scheduled according to a fixed timetable. The day begins with:

  • Exercise: Often jail centers have open lawns or areas where prisoners can move around. Here prisoners can do morning exercises, walking, running, or join. Some centers also provide gym facilities or equipment for their exercise.
  • Breakfast: Then they are served breakfast.
  • Call: Prisoners are given time to contact their family, friends, and loved ones. Usually, the call is limited to a few minutes but it varies with the cell population.
  • Work: Prisoners are allocated different jobs according to their capabilities. Moreover, they are given minimum wage for this with which they can purchase some basic things.
  • Lunch: Between their work, they are served lunch to maintain their body.
  • Evening: After work, they can stall around the open yard for fresh air and socialization.
  • Dinner: After this, they are served a basic dinner.

10 Best Luxurious Jail Cell of the World

NZ Modern Jail

  • Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand
  • Oslo’s Skien Prison, Norway
  • ADX Florence, US
  • UN Detention Unit, Netherlands
  • Bastoy Prison, Norway
  • Halden Prison, Norway
  • Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland
  • HMP Addiewell, Scotland
  • Norgerhaven Prison, Netherlands
  • Landsberg Prison, Germany

10 Worst Jail Cells of the World

brazils prison

  • Desembargador Raimundo Vidal Pessoa penitentiary, Brazil
  • San Quentin State Prison, California
  • Penal De Ciudad Barrios, San Miguel, El Salvador
  • Altiplano Prison, Mexico
  • El Buen Pastor Women’s Prison, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Evin Prison, Iran
  • Quezon City Jail, Philippines
  • Cebu Provincial Detention And Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), Philippines
  • The Maula Prison, Malawi
  • Haiti’s Civil Prison, Haiti

Jail is surely not the best destination. A Modern Jail is improving day by day. Why? The main motive to construct a jail was to improve inmates’ behavior and conduct. But inhumane treatment can instill aggressive behavior. Rather than repenting of their crimes and reflecting on themselves, they have to Strule for basic amenities.

Moreover, jail cells have become a dangerous place for inmates. Inmates themselves try to kill themselves or involve themselves in other criminal activities. There have been cases of rape, murder, theft, etc.

Therefore the government has to do something to improve these shortcomings.