6 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers to Grow Your Audience


Many brands use Instagram as a cornerstone of their social presence. It helps build an engaged audience, grow conversions and drive profitable traffic to land pages. If your audience is not a good number yet, you need to find strategies to boost your numbers. The larger your audience, the more opportunities to engage and create experiences with users. So how do you buy Instagram followers or grow them organically? Plus, legitimate followers that buy, advocate for your brands with friends and visit your landing pages. Below are ways to increase your Instagram followers and build your presence the right way.

  1. Showcase your Instagram anywhere

Unless you promote your Instagram, there is no way people will find your account. Therefore, ensure your Instagram is listed with your other social networks and website. Creating awareness and visibility is one way to be discovered. Once people know where to find you, you can get more followers. You can leverage other social networks to direct users to your Instagram page. But, it is not asking for people to follow you, but using your content for users to have a reason to follow you. Fortunately, with Instagram, you can build followers through creative content like Instagram stories and reels, among other new content.

  1. Make your followers happy 


Happy Instagram followers are a way to grow your audience. To do this, you need to practice giving content that feels real. Real content keeps them engaged and helps them relate with you. But you do not seem robotic, needy, or sales-driven. Share posts that help to build customer relationships and bring a smile to your followers’ faces. Also, provide content to followers as if they are friends on your feed. Thus, this includes posting inspirational content, memes, or resharing artwork or photos to give followers a mental pick-up during the day.

  1. Get brand advocates and partners to post your content 

What is the value of your audience? The more your followers grow, the more interested customers and buyers you have. To get customers to follow you is to be present and get in front of them. Plus, you need to be present on your own Instagram and other Instagram pages. Try holding contests to get your brand out to a larger audience and sponsor user-generated content to get your business in customer feeds. Plus, you need to get your page in front of a larger audience. Try working with notable influences and other larger Instagram accounts in your industry to share your content with their audience. But ensure you are providing something valuable.

  1. Post content followers want

Learn what content your audience wants to see. Check the content that performs better than others. Do the testing first with filters, content types, captions, or post times. The smallest detail makes all the difference. Also, stay alert on the new Instagram trends to know you are posting popular content. Go a step further and invest in Instagram analytics tools. In this way, it is easy to track, analyze and benchmark Instagram content across accounts. Analyze competitors and take notes but do not copy to see the posts that drive engagement.

  1. Keep a consistent calendar 

Consistency is vital when trying to post content for your followers on Instagram. Keep your followers engaged with great and consistent content and not just posting at random times. Therefore, have a regular posting schedule not so many times a day but keep it consistent. Do your research and know the best times to post? Having a routine helps you build a consistent experience for your audience. Also, keep them following and understanding your brand better. Schedule your posting times to help you remember when to publish.

  1. Get the conversation started


For users to be aware of your Instagram page, it should be through conversation. Since Instagram is a visual page, the audience wants to engage with the visuals first, like videos and photos, and very few want to engage with text posts. So start with eye-catching visuals and captions. And this will build the likes, comments, and views. Thus, with more engagement, you expand your ways to enhance conversations between you and your followers.