What is a Concentration Check in 5E? Features and Types!

What is a Concentration Check?

Are you a fan of Dungeons and Dragons? Well, It is an interesting role-playing game.

Oh, you love it. Nice. It is a popular game and it is one of the best-known tabletop role-playing games.

Are you confused about concentration checks?

Well, concentration check is a stance that a spell caster makes while concentrating on a spell. Confused? Let me help you with the details…

Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition is the latest edition of the world’s best tabletop role-playing. In this game, characters go on adventures led by Dungeon masters.

Dungeon Masters are non-player characters. Other non-player characters are monsters in the world.

Do you want to cast a spell check with a prediction of Dungeons and Dragons? Well, it’s complicated but not impossible.

All you need is attention to manipulate common complex stuff like the fabric of the universe.

How to cast a spell in D&D 5E?

Casting spells is a complex thing in 5E. But do you know a wizard is superior to a fighter? So what do you need to cast a spell?

To cast a spell in 5E you need to hold Concentration. Let’s understand what concentration is.

What is Concentration?

Concentration is a mechanical check in this magical concept. It ensures that the wizard knows the effort required to use spells.

Concentration is required to use most of the spells in dungeons and dragons 5e.

While you cast through the concentration spell, you can still use non-concentration skills such as swinging a sword or having a conversation, or doing anything else except casting one more concentration.

But you won’t Be able to do other things as perfectly as you were able to do without concentration.

Simply because your player is trying to concentrate on the spell and he is having a half mind to do other things.

Features of Concentration

  • Different spells which require different concentration holding
  • A Spellcaster has to maintain concentration throughout the required

What is a Concentration Check?

While the spellcaster is trying to concentrate to cast a spell, he has to take a special constitution when they are in danger to maintain their concentration.

When you are suddenly attacked or are surprised you will have a concentration check to avoid dropping the spell.

Types of Concentration checks in certain circumstances

10 or ½ damage: Damage during action

10 or ½ continuous damage: Taking continuous damage during a fight

Distracting spell: Distracted by a distracting spell such as Illusion or False weather conditions DC 5: Wind with rain or sleet

DC 10: High wind with debris, dust or in a strong motion such as bouncy ride, etc. DC 15: Violent Motion or Entangled by a monster

DC 20: Severe Motion like Earthquake When does Concentration break?

Concentration breaks when a player suffers from damage or he dies.


Dungeons and Dragons is an interesting game. And if you want to upgrade your level and win games you can try casting spells.

And for that, you need to maintain concentration and hold a concentration check.