Your Very Own Guide on Buying Projection Screens!


Are you curious to learn what projection screens are all about? You might be seeking reform on your current screen, or you might be looking for a new one altogether.

There can be nothing more that can touch a nerve than a bad decision on a bad day. And usually, when it comes to buying screens, the endless choices and the geek speak lead to the same.

Which size is apt for you? What is the ideal measurement of reflectivity? Why should you buy a 4k projector screen? Are they available in different shades?!

The objective of the guide you are reading is to aid you in comprehending the type of screen you will require so that they match your needs, and as a result, you are satisfied with the product.

Things to Know Before You Buy

To select the ideal projector screen, there are many factors to be considered. The kind of projector you use, the brightness of the room, the size of the room, the kind of screen you want, the part of the house it will be installed in, and above all, the size of the screen you require.


The majority of the time, it is possible that you are self-assured about getting the kind of projector you need. The kind of projector you own or purchase and the kind of screen you will need are interdependent and directly influence each other.

For instance, the projector lens’ size explains how big a screen you will need.


To educate you on what kind of material the projection screen should be manufactured from, background lighting proves to be of prominence.

Projection screens are not reserved for the task of mirroring the light emitted from the projector only. Rather, an ideal screen utilizes the light available in your space and does not just reflect the light received from the projector.

In case your room houses excess light, the projection screen should be capable of reflecting the excess light off the surface.


To make sure the screen functions at its optimum capacity, when you own a spacious room, arrange the seating in such a manner that it faces the screen in an entirely covered way. This allows the screen to reflect the maximum amount of light. In the event of owning a relatively smaller room in which the viewers are seated here and there, then a screen that reflects the minimum amount of light will serve you right because only then the whole group of viewers will watch it without any hindrance. Therefore you must keep in mind that the size of the screen also matters.

Where Will The Screen Be Installed?

Speaking about placing your home theatre screen, there are a couple of choices depending on the space available in your house. The specific purpose of your screen also becomes a matter of relevance here. Are you going to use it for your home theatre projector? Will it be put up in the kitchen for dinner time binge watch? Is it going to be utilized for business presentation purposes? As a responsible buyer, you need to deliberate on these before you make a choice.


Yes, without giving any second thought, you can go for a buy, because Projection screens are worth the money you spend. Initially, you might take time getting accustomed to the new screen, but once you watch your favourite movie or show being played on a 115 4k screen, you will smile knowing that buying a projector screen is one of the best choices you have ever made. Happy Screening!