How do I find my Facebook drafts? – Android and iOS

Facebook drafts

Ever since it was launched, Facebook has introduced several useful features for all its users. The list is long and includes features like voice calls, video calls, games, etc. One new feature that Facebook introduced a few years ago was Facebook drafts. In contrast to the web version, Facebook for Android and iOS permits users to save posts as drafts. You can make a draft on Facebook pages just as close to home profiles. Drafts let you sketch a post that you can alter and post later on. Shockingly, there appears to be no natural way to discover Facebook drafts on iPhone and Android. This is peculiar because the app permits users to save a draft yet does exclude a choice to see the draft posts. Nonetheless, the app shows a notification saying that “Your draft was saved,” and you can open it to make changes.


Maybe, on the off chance that you erroneously eliminate the specific push notification, at that point, there appears to be no natural way to get to the saved draft. However, the notification may appear again, yet it will allow you to see just a specific draft and not every one of them. Luckily, there is a little trick that you can use to recover drafts on the Facebook app. This can come conveniently on the off chance that you have saved a significant post as a draft and need to distribute it.


How to find Facebook drafts on Android


If you are using Facebook on an android smartphone, you need to follow the steps given below to find Facebook drafts.


  • Open the app on the smartphone.
  • Type something as a post to create a temporary draft.
  • Save the draft.
  • Once the draft is saved, you will see a notification saying ‘Your draft was saved.’
  • Click on the notification.
  • Then press the back button on your smartphone.
  • Now you will be able to see all the saved Facebook drafts on your android device.

Now, you can open or discard any of the unpublished drafts. It’s essential that the drafts naturally get eliminated following three days. So, please make a point to check your drafts before they get discarded. Shockingly, you need to utilize this workaround each an ideal opportunity to see Facebook drafts except if there is a notification appearing.


How to find Facebook drafts on iOS


The procedure is unique for the iPhone and iPad. In Facebook for iPhone, you can save each draft in turn. To discover the draft, open the Facebook app and search for the “Finish your past post?” notification at the highest point of the Home tab. Tap it to locate the last draft saved by you. It’s essential that saving another draft will supersede the recently saved draft. Follow the below steps to find the Facebook drafts in iOS.


  • Open the Facebook app and make a fresh post.
  • Write some content or add a photograph in the post.
  • Tap the back key and select “Save as draft”.
  • A notification will presently appear about the saved draft.

Thus, you can find your saved draft on iOS by simply tapping on the notification.


Now you know how you can find all your Facebook drafts irrespective of whether you use an Android or iOS smartphone. Also, keep in mind that saving drafts on Facebook are only available on the app version and not on the web version. Such a useful feature somehow didn’t make it to the web version. We are hopeful that the platform will soon introduce the feature to save drafts on Facebook in the coming years. Then, use the feature on the app version and continue to structure some good posts to be shared with your followers on your Facebook profile.