What are difference Eye Expressions? Detailed Guide!


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The eyes are the most important sensory organ of our body. Without it, we cannot see this beautiful word. However, there is something else too for which eyes are important.

What it is? They are the window to our soul. You can know what a person is feeling by looking into his or her eyes and writers know this. And that’s why while writing the books they keep use different eye expressions to describe what their characters are feeling.

In this article, we will look at different types of eyes expression and their literary meaning.

Eyes are Window to Anyone’s Soul

Eyes are an important part of facial expression. You can see this and get an idea about what that person is thinking or feeling. Moreover, several times detectives and police look into the eyes of the criminal to see if they are guilty or not. A guilty or liar would never make eye contact with them.

There are many songs about eyes and their expression. And how the hero gets to know how his heroine is feeling just by looking in her eyes.

Moreover, you can easily say who is angry, sad, stressed, or happy by looking in their eyes. These facts are well known by writers and thus they use several types of expressions to demonstrate their characters’ feelings.

Shapes of the Eyes

There are different types of eye shapes namely, round, monolid, hooded, upturned, downturned, and almonds.

Eye Color

Eye color is also one of the prominent features in defining a person’s facial features.

There are different colors of eyes some are common and some are rare. Brown, hazel, blue, green, silver, amber, black, red, pink, etc.

Words to Describe Eyes

Lustrous eyes


Icy is used by the writer to describe an angry or emotionless character.


A writer to describe a character who has intense emotions often uses pale.


Sparkling is the word used to demonstrate happiness or excitement.


Piercing is often used to describe how intense and straightforward a person is.


Intense is used by writers to describe a person of immense value to describe a character who is serious or has intense emotions.


Alluring is used to describe attractive and desirable characters.


Dazzling is the word used to describe a character who is gorgeous, attractive or amazing


Lustrous is the word used to describe a person or a character who has an aura of beauty-ness or attractiveness around them. Or have shiny eyes.


This is used to describe a person who lacks a grounded belief or the person who is down towards the earth.


Magnetic is used for a character who easily gets the attention of everyone.


Writers to describe a person who has beautifully shaped eyes often use beautiful eyes.


This can be used to describe a character who has who is filled with anger or resentment or fear.


This word is often used to describe eyes that are filled with anger, fury or rage.


This type of word is used to describe an eye that is full of anxiety nervousness or confusion.


This word is used to describe an eye that is an emotionless or unkind person.


This word is used to describe a gentle and kind eye of a kind person.

Blank Eyes

So what does a blank eye mean? Well, A blank eye is used to describe a person, an emotionless person.

A person who has no hope left for the future. They may be depressed or facing separation or trauma.

Sometimes, the blank eye describes a person staring beyond the horizon without any emotions.

Final Words

So is there any phrase you came across while reading a book? If yes, do share in the comment section below.